The challenge of keeping up with Microsoft 365 administration and security

Keeping Microsoft 365 up to date with proper security settings, managing licenses, and enforcing good governance is a constant administration effort. As an MSP, you can’t let these things go unchecked, but you also can’t afford the staff time to constantly monitor and manage each of your customers.

About the CoreSuite platform for MSPs

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform that increases the value of any Microsoft 365 management service. Our platform is secure, scales to millions of users and helps MSPs automate Microsoft 365 governance, tenant administration, configuration and license management. A few capabilities include:

  • Single pane of glass – access to the in-platform partner portal provides complete management of your clients and CoreView solutions, with visibility and reporting across all tenant environments.
  • Automated workflows and Playbooks™ – save on time and resources, by automating and taking action on lengthy tasks, such as on-boarding and off-boarding activities, optimizing your M365 licensing posture, and help with regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Governance Health Check™ and executive reporting – with the CoreSuite Health Check dashboard, you can provide valuable insights to your prospects across their Microsoft 365 environment, adding a powerful competitive differentiator during pre-sales and ongoing customer ROI to your arsenal.
  • Flexible multi-tenant portfolio – products built with MSPs in mind, select from our bundled solutions or specific product to fit your strategic servicing needs.

Build new services to expand your addressable market

Create a set of offerings around CoreSuite to engage with a new set of prospects and provide a big competitive differentiator.

Extend Microsoft 365 offering for current customers

Offer CoreSuite capabilities with existing Microsoft 365 services for additional revenue from existing customers without adding more work or resources.

Boost your bottom line without increasing workloads

Reduce operational costs, expand your service offerings and increase margins... all with one solution. With CoreView, you also get more service efficiency and capacity from your existing team!

About the CoreView Managed Service Provider program

The CoreView Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program provides a powerful framework for you to grow your business while meeting the needs of your customers. As industry leaders, we believe it is critical to invest in trusted partnerships that promote growth, provide cutting edge solutions, and deliver on customer expectations.

In addition to flexible monthly subscription invoicing with payas- you-go models that allow you to easily grow as your business scales, the CoreView MSP program provides:

  • MSP-focused enablement – we get your team on-boarded and up to speed quickly and gain expertise, by leveraging our platform experts when you are ready to implement CoreView solutions.
  • Promotions and incentives – tiered discount pricing with exceptional margins, lets you offer competitive pricing, accelerate, and grow your revenue, while optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Tier 2 customer support – MSPs gain access to our level 2 support, we’ve got your back when you need it.
  • Sales and marketing resources and tools – you will get playbooks and resources to reach prospects and customers faster.

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