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CoreView is an ISV Co-Sell Prioritized solution that extends the Microsoft 365 admin console to enable IT and business users to discover, analyze, and manage Microsoft 365 and other SaaS applications.

Our customers save time, avoid errors, and achieve levels of security and compliance not possible without our powerful tools.

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Solving Customer Needs Together

CoreView and Microsoft work together to help customers better manage Microsoft 365 and other SaaS products. Microsoft CSPs can use CoreView to manage, secure, and optimize licenses for their customers. CoreView’s powerful CoreSuite solution imports data from every nook and cranny of your customer's M365 environment (plus any hybrid still on-premises), and then organizes it into a single, searchable database, optimized for speed. CoreView and Microsoft have proven that working together is the most effective way to help customers conquer difficult business challenges.

Augmented M365 Admin Console

CoreView is a Microsoft Azure-hosted application that adds new capabilities to manage M365 across cloud and hybrid deployments.
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Segregation of

Distribute limited admin rights allowing users to manage scopes in selected operating units, regions, departments, etc., using Virtual Tenants and Role-Based Access Control.
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SaaS Optimization and Adoption

Boost usage of approved applications such as Microsoft Teams. Increase proficiency via 2,000+ just-in-time learning videos embedded into the product.
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Single Pane of

Combine many M365 admin consoles into a single intuitive portal, to minimize searching and back-and-forth between screens, and maximize efficiency.
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Stay on top of suspicious and risky events and behavior such as in Microsoft 365 and other SaaS products. Get alerts and reports, and effortlessly apply policies.
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Document Taxonomy and Classification

Improve content classification and SharePoint search. Ease compliance with privacy and other regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.


Improve content classification and SharePoint search. Ease compliance with privacy and other regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.
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Costs and

Accurately and easily identify costs and usage by department, location, etc., to set chargebacks, manage license pools, optimize licenses, and aid budgeting.

Microsoft Competencies

Microsoft Partner Pledge: As a Gold Microsoft partner, CoreView shares Microsoft’s global vision and mission to enable every person and organization to achieve the most, as well as their belief in the role technology can play in addressing broader social challenges.

Gold Cloud Productivity

Hundreds of customers trust CoreView to help manage their M365 environments.

Gold Cloud

CoreView helps customers modernize their infrastructure, using Microsoft Azure, the most advanced and secure service available.

Gold Application Development

CoreView has proven its “best in class” expertise in and knowledge of developing with Microsoft’s key application development technologies.

Silver Data

CoreView collects, processes, stores, and analyzes data to help customers discover deeper insights and act on recommendations.

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