Urssaf Increased M365 Application Adoption

With the CoreView SaaS Management Platform solution, the public agency was able to optimize the use of services and increase the adoption rate for various Microsoft 365 applications. CoreView also provides optimal governance in administration and security.

About Urssaf

The major challenges Urssaf experienced were around supporting employers and entrepreneurs – to ensure the swift collection of contributions (0.24% of management fees). These contributions would help finance the French social model with 534.4 billion euros collected from 9.8 million contributors. These contributions help in 2 major ways:

  • Social mission: To guarantee workers the benefit of social protection (health coverage, pensions, family benefits) linked to the exercise of employment within a legal framework.
  • Economic mission: To facilitate the procedures of entrepreneurs and guarantee compliance with the social rules essential to fair competition.

Microsoft 365 Increases Team Productivity

To ensure this dual social and economic mission, the agency relied on the deployment of the Microsoft 365 platform. The remote collaboration tools were in place before the health crisis. During the first lockdown, the Urssaf Caisse Nationale doubled its capacity to place almost 90% of its employees in telework, all trades combined. Because of swift actions, the staff was able to quickly accustom themselves to the new remote working environment.

However, the functional richness of Microsoft 365 has met several needs and the funding of its various services cannot be homogeneous in an organization with 16,000 employees spread over the metropolitan territory and overseas. “The use of the collaborative suite varies according to the position, the profession, or the maturity of use,” observes Wissam Jammal, head of the Workspace sector in the technical architecture sub-directorate of the DSI.

Accelerate the ROI

To increase visibility into their M365 database, the Urssaf Caisse Nationale deployed the CoreView solution. This solution provides complete and unified management of Microsoft 365. Created in 2014 in Italy, CoreView is the top vendor of a SaaS Management Platform (SMP) solution, referenced by Gartner. This global Microsoft partner helps maximize the organization’s ROI by tracking and accelerating user adoption of Microsoft 365 while improving administration and security.

The first interest put forward by the Urssaf Caisse Nationale was economic. For Wissam Jammal, the change in the economic model introduced by the cloud encourages a regular review of actual users. “In the days of perpetual licenses, the question arose with each change of version, that is to say, every seven or eight years. With a monthly subscription, it comes back on the table much more quickly.”

The control of uses and costs goes through rationalization which relates to subscriptions but also the options which give the right to additional optional functionalities. For example, creating a phone number associated with a meeting is a paid option in Microsoft Teams. “The number of users with access to this option is therefore limited and depends on the size of the Urssaf,” continues Wissam Jammal. The aim is to identify the users behind the creation of online meetings, such as managers and executive assistants. Then, to analyze the post usage. A service that has not been used by a collaborator will be transferred to another one for which it will be more useful.”

The CoreView solution is already in production for the “super administrators” of the Urssaf National Fund. The training on the tool began in April and deployment was executed gradually, to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2021. The administration will be decentralized to the Urssaf level. Each will have a level of visibility and actions adapted to the needs of each organization and team for optimal operation.

Monitoring of Uses and Acceleration of Adoption

The project didn’t solely focus on optimizing the use of M365 services. CoreView offers numerous dashboards and reports to accurately monitor the uses and the level of adoption of the different Microsoft 365 workloads. On this basis, the Urssaf National Fund will be able to carry out awareness and training actions to promote the adoption of the collaborative tool Microsoft Teams, the storage space OneDrive, the e-mail Outlook or the corporate social network Yammer. “Training plans will be specifically set up by the sub-directorate of support on a particular tool for a particular user population,” says Wissam Jammal.

Improve Visibility and Security

Another contribution of the project: the optimization of administration and security. Microsoft 365 offers a large number of administration and security consoles,” says Claude Demolis, Vice President EMEA for CoreView. “To get indicators on the status of risks and non-compliance, IT teams have to manually collect information, consolidate data, and in most situations develop PowerShell scripts for specific needs.” CoreView will save them this work by taking care of the data collection, aggregation, consolidation, and presentation – everything into a single pane of glass console.

Improve the Efficiency of Microsoft 365 Management

Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, CoreView allows, the creation of workflows to reduce the manual and/or scripted operations of IT teams. By running a standardized and automated scenario, the solution will, for example, trigger a series of actions to manage and control Microsoft Teams groups (naming convention, access rights). A solution that ensures optimal use of Microsoft 365, to maximize ROI, reduce risk, and improve the efficiency of IT teams.

By knowing the uses of the licenses and the level of adoption of the various services of Microsoft 365, we will be able to better control the usage and to set up training/accompaniments specifically dedicated to such tools with such a population of users.

Wissam Jammal: Head of the Workspace sector at the technical architecture sub-directorate of the DSI Urssaf Caisse Nationale