Microsoft 365 Security Benchmarking Report
Let’s Talk Data Security + Governance

Microsoft 365 is a powerhouse tool that collects and stores a near-inconceivable amount of data. There are countless instances of unused M365 licenses, users using weak passwords, and users overlooking two-factor authentication. While Microsoft prides itself on foundational and umbrella security for their applications, individual users of M365 might still put their data at risk without a proper plan for security, data governance, and usage monitoring. 

CoreView has studied more than 1.6 million Microsoft 365 users to identify the most common problems in security and governance, understand what companies are doing well, and reveal gaps in IT management of the ecosystem. 

The 2023 Microsoft 365 Security: A Deep Dive Into The Challenges of Governance & License Management report covers our findings and offers solutions you might want to consider for implementation. 

Download the report to discover more.