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Adoption Content Pack for Office 365


Extending the Adoption Content Pack for Office 365

A quote last year from Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, was a direct shot at the need to help customers drive usage adoption of Office 365.  Here’s the quote, “Focus on how to improve usage… Let’s focus first on usage and then the financial results will naturally follow.”  You can’t have a clearer statement around how Microsoft was going to monitor metrics for success in 2017.

An initial customer offering to help address the usage adoption issue was to provide a user activity reporting toolset so everyone can easily monitor the usage trends within their organization.  This toolset, which runs with Power BI reporting, is called the Adoption Content Pack. It came out in preview at the end of 2016 and is now going into general release this summer.  You can read all about it here –>

Announcing the Office 365 Adoption Content Pack.

This blog series will provide a quick overview of the new Adoption Content Pack and describe how our CoreView solution helps customers extend the information that is shown in the adoption pack usage reports and leverage those insights to actually drive adoption through targeted marketing campaigns and integrated training. The first blog information will be included below, followed by the additional entry about a week later.

  1. Extending the Adoption Content Pack for Office 365
  2. Driving Targeted Adoption Campaigns for Office 365

Introducing the Adoption Content Pack

Microsoft wanted to take user activity reporting to the next level and integrate their detailed information provided in the Office 365 Usage Reports with the interactive, graphical reporting found in Power BI.  That’s how the adoption content pack was born in late 2016, and it is now available for all customers with enterprise licensing.  You don’t even need to purchase licenses for Power BI as the free version works just fine.

You can think of the adoption content pack as a powerful reporting tool that aggregates the important user activity information for a customer and organizes it in graphical dashboards with drill-down capability to identify users who need additional training or incentives to begin using more of the rich features in Office 365.  The solution helps report on metrics from four main areas of insight.

  1. Feature Adoption: Tracks the usage of the different Office 365 workloads like Exchange, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, etc.
  2. Communication Styles: Tracks how people use email, Skype (meetings), and Yammer to communicate.
  3. Collaboration Methods: Tracks how people use SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.
  4. Activation: Tracks the activation of Office 365 ProPlus, Project, and Visio licenses.
Screenshot of Reporting Dashboard in the Adoption Content Pack
Adoption Content Pack Office 365

Where the adoption content pack stops however, is at the next steps necessary to communicate, educate, and incent the end-user community to use more of the features within Office 365 which will actually help them be more productive.  That’s where we come into the story with our CoreView unified management solution.

Extending the Adoption Content Pack

The CoreView unified management solution can perform specific usage activity monitoring and create inactivity reports to identify users who need additional training or assistance with specific Office 365 workloads.  Using customizable templates, the IT administrators can send targeted messages to those specific users with links to marketing content explaining the advantages of Office 365 functionality based on their job role.  The solution then tracks the activity based on those
communications and reports on the usage trends for that group of users.

An example for this model would be to target a set of users who haven’t started using OneDrive, but are sending large attachments via e-mail.  You can easily find them within a filtered report in CoreView and group them for a targeted adoption campaign.  From within the CoreView toolset you can send targeted communications out to those users, and find out if they have concerns, or if there is a lack of training that needs to be implemented.  The e-mails can include links for how-to information, FAQ’s and existing training materials.  You can then monitor the growth in usage for those targeted groups and perform follow-up campaigns for specific users to drive further adoption.  After you see the adoption of OneDrive grow within your organization you can target other specific features within Office 365 for usage adoption.

Screenshot of Tracking Page for Targeted Adoption Campaign
Adoption campaign for Office 365

Summary of Targeted Adoption Capabilities

As described within this blog entry, the Adoption Content Pack is only going to help identify users who need additional training or incentives to start using specific features within Office 365.  The solution stops there.  It leaves the hard work up to the IT administrators to drive adoption.  CoreView can help customers easily target user groups for specific adoption campaigns, design the communications for education and awareness, track the campaign activities, and then report on usage trends.  The CoreView solution has all the built-in functions necessary to truly drive adoption of Office 365 within your company.

Today CoreView is the only unified management solution for Office 365 that can help organizations perform targeted adoption campaigns.  And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help you drive adoption for your Office 365 deployment, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a demo at

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