May 19, 2021
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Urssaf is a private organization that collects Social Security contributions to help finance the Régime general of France’s Social Security system. Originally, Urssaf Caisse Nationale was having a difficult time optimizing the use of services and increase adoption rates for various Microsoft 365 applications. As a result, they partnered with CoreView to help advance their M365 instance whilst providing optimal governance in administration and security.

The Opportunity

The major challenge for Urssaf was the ability to support both employers and entrepreneurs to ensure the collection of contributions with efficiency and fairness. Urssaf needed to achieve in three main areas:

  1. Social Security: to finance the French social model, with 534.4 billion euros collected from 9.8 million contributors.
  2. Social mission: to guarantee workers the benefit of social protection (health coverage, pensions, family benefits) linked to the exercise of employment within a legal framework.
  3. Economic mission: to facilitate the procedures of entrepreneurs and guarantee compliance with the social rules essential to fair competition.

Microsoft 365 to ensure team productivity

To ensure this dual social and economic mission, Urssaf relied on the Microsoft 365 platform to ensure collaboration was seamless.

However, the functional richness of Microsoft 365 plus ensuring adoption of 16,000 employees spread over the metropolitan territory and the French overseas departments, was a challenge.

CoreView provides an accelerated return on investment

To gain visibility the Urssaf Caisse Nationale deployed CoreView. This solution maximized Urssaf’s ROI by tracking and accelerating user adoption of Microsoft 365 while improving administration and security.

Urssaf Caisse Nationale‘s first priority was  economic in nature. For Wissam Jammal, the change in the economic model introduced by the cloud encourages a regular review of actual users. “In the days of perpetual licenses, the question arose with each change of version, that is to say, every seven or eight years. With the passage to a monthly subscription, it comes back on the table much more quickly.”

The control of users  and costs goes through rationalization which relates to subscriptions, but also the options which give the right to additional optional functionalities. For example, creating a phone number associated with a meeting is a paid option in Microsoft Teams. “The number of users with access to this option is therefore limited and depends on the size of the Urssaf,” continues Wissam Jammal. “And the management assistants. Once carefully analyzed we can access if we could get more value if transferred to another employee. “

Monitoring of uses and acceleration of adoption

Another advantage Urssaf saw in CoreView was the numerous dashboards and reports to accurately monitor the usage of Microsoft 365. Urssaf Caisse Nationale is now able to provide best practice training to promote company-wide adoption of the Microsoft 365 apps.

Improve visibility and security

Another contribution of the project: optimization of administration and security. “Microsoft 365 offers a large number of administration and security consoles, says Claude Demolis, Vice-President EMEA for CoreView. To obtain indicators on the state of risks and non-compliance, IT teams must manually collect information, consolidate data, and in most situations develop PowerShell scripts for specific needs. ” CoreView spares them this work by ensuring the work of collecting, aggregating, consolidating, and presenting data.

Read the full case study (in French) to learn how Urssaf increased productivity and adoption after integrating with CoreView or contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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