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CoreView + Veeam: Office 365 Power Couple Drives Deep Economic Benefits


CoreView and Veeam share the exact same vision for Microsoft Office 365 shops – offering full control, ownership, data safety, and security of O365 environments while driving deep economic benefits.

With the new CoreView/Veeam partnership, O365 customers can manage and protect their Microsoft SaaS environment, with total protection and guaranteed accessibility of their data.

As both partners have years of experience with Office 365, there is loads of data defining the value of combining these solutions. Many of these facts appear in the recent joint CoreView/Veeam white paper “Gain Full Control and Ownership of Office 365 with CoreView and Veeam.”

Office 365 User Base is Huge — and Growing Fast

There are now some 200 million active Office 365 users – fast becoming the dominant end user productivity platform. In fact, Office is replacing itself – there are well over a billion users of on-premises Office, seats that are being steadily replaced in the cloud by Office 365. As an emerging enterprise standard, Office 365 is the number one SaaS solution needing management, security, governance and serious data protection.

CoreView solutions manage well over 2 million Office 365 seats, mainly in enterprises. As a result, we know most everything that goes on across the Office 365 universe, where the security flaws reside, who uses what applications, and have a deep understating of the economics of buying, using and managing Office 365. Meanwhile, Veeam knows everything there is to know about Office 365 data safety and cloud data management. 

Making Every Office 365 Dollar Count

I am going to share a little secret. With the right information, you can save 30% on Office 365 license costs. In fact, there is a free way to strike the best deal possible. The CoreView Office 365 Health Check scans and analyzes your entire Office 365 environment, finds every license, then determines four things:

  • What percentage of licenses are used
  • What amount of licenses are unused — perhaps because an employee left or simply stopped using the software
  • How many licenses are unassigned, and thus free to be returned or reallocated
  • Amongst used licenses, what are the workloads and do the licenses match the actual or desired usage

The CoreView Office 365 Health Check  is a comprehensive Office 365 deep scan, analysis and assessment of your entire Microsoft SaaS environment. This assessment provides a complete overview of Office 365 license costs, and overall usage activities for workloads inside your environment, application and service use, state of O365 administration, and overall security profile.

One large enterprise, okay a very large enterprise, identified $14 million in potential annual savings through our Health Check. Based on prompting from a Microsoft Customer Success Manager, that customer used CoreView’s deep license analytics to renegotiate its EA deal – much to the customer’s and Microsoft’s satisfaction.

While the Office 365 Health Check gets you started in understanding license status. CoreView’s CoreAdmin goes deeper, and is a long-term the solution that continually dives deep into license cost savings and optimization opportunities by providing references to each inactive or unassigned license. With CoreAdmin, you can track ongoing use to make sure you are always getting the best bang for your buck.

Besides finding unused or unassigned licenses, you can also see whether used licenses fit actual workloads. Let’s look at some numbers. Take a shop with 10,000 Office 365 E5 licenses. If 10% of these 10,000 E5 licenses are used by those that only need an E1, by adjusting licenses, that customer can save $300,000 a year. In five years, that customer could be $1.5 million to the better.

License optimization is not just about getting rid of unneeded licenses, or downgrading to only pay for the license levels you need. In many cases, a license, say an E3 or E5 is not fully used – but should be. Here you can train those users to fully utilize paid for applications, and thus dramatically boost productivity. Similarly, you may identify low-level licenses, especially E1s that should be upgraded so the users can more fully contribute to the financial health of your organization.

On average, CoreView saves customers 30% through licenses optimization, which breaks down as: 

  • 8% Unassigned licenses 
  • 12% Inactive Licenses 
  • 20% Oversized Licenses 

There are also IT productivity savings. It takes a typical license manager 10-15 hours a month to licensing produce reports. In contrast, CoreView creates better, far more in-depth reports in just ten minutes. 

The Economic Power of Adoption – and Why Teams is the Productivity Star

Did you know that half, or 50% of all Office 365 services, go unused?  Not using half of your applications is a waste of money. More importantly, you are failing to maximize end user productivity.  

Improving the adoption of applications such as Microsoft Teams translates into tremendous increases in productivity through improved employee collaboration, efficient and timely communication, and facilitation of scheduling, and keeping projects on track. A Forrester study indicates an average of 4 hours per week are saved through improved collaboration and information sharing with Microsoft Teams. In addition, Forrester estimates that a standard 5,000-user organization could save nearly $27 million over 3 years, largely due to higher productivity and improved organizational cohesion. Forrester puts the ROI of Teams adoption at a stunning 832%.

Meanwhile, CoreView customers on average increase application adoption by 40%.

Boosting Efficiency through Effective Administrative Roles 

CoreView solutions dramatically administrator efficiency – and safety. For instance, our role-based access control (RBAC) increases IT productivity by empowering more local administrators — saving time and money. In fact, The National Institute of Standards and Technology in its ‘Economic Analysis of Role-Based Access Control’ study found that a 10,000-person company saves some $24,000 in IT labor, and another $300,000 a year from reduced worker downtime every year through RBAC. 

Office 365 shop should also address configuration. As Gartner argues, “Nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement, and mistakes.” Correctly understanding your company’s existing configuration and management is the first step towards implementing solutions that immediately improve a tenant’s security. CoreSecurity provides solutions for IT Administrators to implement security best practices to reduce the Office 365 environment’s breach perimeter.

There are also time savings. With CoreView automation, deprovisioning goes from up to 20 hours down to under 10 minutes. This saves a typical organization about 1,000 hours a year in manual IT admin activities, while at the same time improving quality of service and reducing human errors.  

We found that a company with 10,000 employees could save 950 hours of administration time per year, at a projected savings of $45,600 a year – just by properly using RBAC to set Office 365 admin permissions. 

Boosting Security and Admin Efficiency – at the Same Time

Many Office 365 shops have no easy way of monitoring suspicious sign-in activity for Office 365. CoreView customers do – and do so with great efficiency. In fact, one enterprise organization we talked to said that they have improved their response time to block remote hacker attempts by over 500%.

Another customer used to spend 80 hours/month running their own PowerShell scripts and sifting through the piles of data to search for anomalous sign-ins across their different geographic locations. Now they only spend about 10 hours/month monitoring for suspicious sign-ins — and can take immediate action when they find an issue. 

Real-time monitoring and alerts for security compliance issues is another CoreView strength. One customer uses to spend 10 to 50 hours every month writing and running custom PowerShell scripts to decipher the millions of log entries and search for security problems.Now they leverage CoreView to provide automated alerts for security issues on an almost real-time basis. 

Audits are also made more efficient. One enterprise customer in the northeastern US, said CoreView saved their IT team over 1,000 hours last year when researching and analyzing security incidents. 

Getting a Boost from Better Backup

Many people, even some experienced IT pros, think that because Office 365 is in the cloud, that data is also backed up and protected in that same cloud. Office 365 data may be held in the cloud when it is created, but it is not backed up there.

Office 365 data can simply vanish many ways. For instance, often when employees leave, they often erase all their data. But that data is not the employee’s property – most of belongs to the organization and should be retained. Forrester sees two more reasons to backup SaaS data – prolonged outages and protecting data for audit and compliance reasons. This analysis is found in the Forrester report “Back Up Your SaaS Data — Because Most SaaS Providers Don’t”.

Not enough is done to protect Office 365 data, experts say. 451 Research, for instance, finds that only 11% Office 365 customers surveyed use a cloud-to-cloud backup solution. On the other hand, 49% rely on their cloud vendor for backup and recovery, and 25% do not back up SaaS applications. This points to substantial risks to all those customers — and all that data.

Other research paints an even more distressing picture, finding that while 60% of all sensitive cloud data is stored in Office documents, 75% of those documents are not backed up.

Veeam is playing a huge role in solving that problem. Already there have been more than 75,000 downloads of Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, and more than 8.2 million Office 365 mailboxes now have Veeam data protection.

How the CoreView/Veeam Joint Solutions Work

CoreView and Veeam joined forces on a comprehensive Office 365 management and backup solution providing deep savings, dramatic economic payback, complete control and ownership over your Office 365 environment. The CoreView and Veeam solutions offer cloud data management as well as deep and easy to use administration capabilities, as seen below.

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