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Driving Adoption Campaigns for Office 365


Driving Adoption Campaigns for Office 365

This blog entry is a continuation of our series on extending the Adoption Content Pack for Office 365.  This topic covers some examples of specific usage adoption scenarios where proactive, targeted marketing campaigns and online training videos can help organizations truly drive usage adoption for Office 365. 

For organizations that want to be more proactive in driving adoption, and help their user community take advantage of some of the more advanced features in Office 365, they need a management toolset for targeted marketing campaigns that includes online training videos to help them make this a reality. The following subsections will help explain some specific business scenarios for Office 365 adoption and training that are provided within our CoreView solution.

Targeting User Groups for Adoption Campaigns

A common challenge that we’ve heard from customers around the world is the need to identify the specific users who need additional training or incentives to use the more advanced capabilities in Offic3 365. With the built-in functions inside CoreView, customers can perform usage monitoring and create inactivity reports to identify users who need additional training or assistance with utilizing different Office 365 workloads.  Administrators can then send customizable messages to those specific users with links to marketing content explaining the advantages of Office 365 applications based on their job role.  These messages can also include links to online training videos that are available in the training curriculum library.

Example of Adoption Campaign User List (filtered for OneDrive usage and Size of Mailbox)

Creating an Adoption Campaign with E-Mail Templates and Training Videos

The available template e-mail messages for usage adoption can be edited and tailored as needed. They are available for selection from a picklist when creating a new adoption campaign (see graphic example below). These types of communications enable users to select training videos for their area of interest.  Users can track the past videos that they watched and go back to review useful videos as needed.

Example Adoption Campaign Message Template (showing OneDrive usage focus and link to training video)

Monitoring and Reporting for Adoption Trends

CoreView has built-in capabilities to monitor and manage targeted adoption campaigns for specific users who need additional training and incentives to utilize all available workloads in Office 365. The toolset will monitor readership of the distributed communications and continue to track activities for specific workloads by user to view adoption trends. User viewing of all online training videos is tracked and categorized for learning activity reporting.  Standard reports are available to monitor the viewership of all videos in the available library to showcase the most popular training items which can then be promoted during targeted adoption campaigns. Advanced reports even track learning activities down to the user level.

This monitoring will allow administrators to perform personalized follow-ups with those users who remain inactive. They can send additional targeted e-mails and follow-up communications to answer questions and provide incentives to drive adoption. Finally, for those users who remain inactive, the CoreView solution makes it simple to reassign licenses that match the actual user capabilities needed.

An example adoption campaign report from CoreView is shown below. It lists the activities from a specific user related to a specific campaign. As you can see the report shows the activities the user has performed related to the marketing campaign e-mail they received. These types of reports enable administrators to accurately monitor user actions and perform follow-up communications as needed.

Example Report Showing Activity Related to Adoption Campaign (includes actions performed on e-mail message)
Example Report with Usage Adoption Trends for OneDrive

Summary of Targeted Adoption Campaigns

As described within this blog series, the Adoption Content Pack is only going to help identify users who need additional training or incentives to start using specific features within Office 365.  The solution stops there. It leaves the hard work up to the IT administrators to drive adoption by using internal education, training and targeted marketing campaigns. CoreView can help customers easily target user groups for specific adoption campaigns, design the communications for education and awareness, track the campaign activities, and then report on usage trends.  The CoreView solution has all the built-in functions necessary to truly drive adoption of Office 365 within your company.

Today CoreView is the only unified management solution for Office 365 that can help organizations perform targeted adoption campaigns. And a bonus for multi-national organizations, the CoreView interface is easily configurable in multiple languages to accommodate different admin teams from around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help you drive adoption for your Office 365 deployment, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a free demo at

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