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Five-Easy-Steps to Create an Office 365 Adoption Campaign


Introducing Office 365 Adoption Campaign

Leveraging all the capabilities within Office 365 can be challenging with so many different ways to share documents, communicate and collaborate. Most organizations don’t have a dedicated training department, so IT staff is usually tasked with driving adoption. But without automated tools to assist them, many initiatives lose steam after just a few weeks.

What’s the best way to drive Office 365 adoption effectively?

Learning from the success of our customers, we can definitely say that part of the answer is to automate the process as much as possible, and use targeted, focused adoption campaigns that are tailored for specific business job roles. Another best practice is to include links to on-line training videos that will help users understand the benefits of the different Office 365 capabilities you want to expand. The CoreView solution can help with that automation and can also create the targeted lists of users based on their activities within Office 365 and their job classification/role. Each adoption campaign is tracked for user interactions and the usage trends can be reported to showcase the overall effectiveness of the campaign. CoreView also includes a training video library that can be leveraged as needed.

The CoreView solution has all the built-in functions necessary to effectively drive adoption of Office 365 within your company. Let’s take a closer look at how the different features work together to drive an adoption campaign.


Identify the specific users who need additional training or incentives to use new capabilities in Office 365. With the built-in functions inside CoreView, customers can select the target properties and perform usage monitoring to identify those users who need additional training or assistance with utilizing different Office 365 workloads.

Target Office 365 Adoption


Create your custom email message that will go out to the users selected for your campaign. You can choose to create a new one, or you can also choose an available message from a picklist and edit it as needed.
You can include images, and links to videos or Knowledge Base articles.

Template message for the office 365 adoption


Once you have your list of users and the email template setup, you are ready to start your first adoption campaign processing.
Since the e-mail message will come directly from your domain the recipients will identify it as safe to open.

Start office 365 adoption campaign


The statistics allow you to view a snapshot of the email related activity from your campaign and provide insight into the related user activities. Stats include interactions, click rates, open rates, active, inactive and more. These types of reports enable administrators to accurately monitor user actions and perform follow-up communications as needed.

Office 365 adoption statistic


If you have users who didn’t open an email from your adoption campaign, you may want to send it again. Since CoreView tracks all the users who did not open the initial message, it’s very easy to resend the communication to those users with a single click. And for those users who open the message but don’t access any of the training materials, they may need additional incentives as part of your follow-up campaign. Now that you have the activity information at your fingertips it’s easy to generate campaigns and keep prompting your users to try new features available in Office 365.

Office 365 adoption follow up

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