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How to manage a meeting room calendar


How to manage a meeting room calendar using CoreView

Office 365 has a feature that allows organizations to create a resource mailbox in Exchange online that is assigned to a physical location, such as a conference room. This new resource mailbox can then be controlled with calendar scheduling to book that conference room and manage its availability.

In the Office 365 Admin Center, you must have global admin rights on your Office 365 environment to complete this process. However, with CoreView as your management solution, you can enable a subset of users to manage these operations who don’t need global admin rights. CoreView has built-in features that walk the users through the configuration for these conference rooms, or meeting rooms.

Meeting room calendars in Office 365 are more like users than shared calendars, and each will have its own email address for invitations. After you setup the meeting room, you need to enable the booking policy which defines when the room can be scheduled, how long it is going to be reserved, and how far in advance it might be reserved.

The next step is to choose delegates who can accept or decline the booking requests. These users will be entirely responsible for accepting or declining meeting requests which are sent to the meeting room mailbox. The final step is to accept or decline booking requests automatically. In case there’s a scheduling conflict with an existing reservation, or the booking request violates the scheduling limits of the resource, or the reservation duration is too long, the meeting request is automatically declined.

(Example: configuration screen for a meeting room calendar)

Meeting room calendar

The built-in functions of CoreView provide IT administrators the ability to delegate the ownership and management tasks for these meeting room calendars. Changing parameters such as the maximum booking lead time, the maximum booking slot duration, and assigning delegates are easily done with a single admin screen.

This is another example of how CoreView provides the most full-featured management solution for Office 365. It provides a simple interface to manage the most common tasks performed by IT administrators. If you are interested in finding out more about our CoreView solution and how it can help streamline your Office 365 operations and cut your administration time in half, please visit our overview page online, or sign-up for a free demo.

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