October 14, 2021
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Guess who’s looking a little different today?

A picture of Frankenstein in black and white

We have been mad scientists over here at the CoreView.com lab. Brewing together vibrant colors, targeted messaging addressing your pain points, and a whole lot of information about our killer product! Which has left our Marketing team saying, “Give my creation liiiiiiiiiife!!! ⚡”  

Now that we’ve gotten all of my “spooky season” references out of the way...  

We’re saying “see ya later” to CoreView.com of the past and “hello” to the fun, informative CoreView.com.  

On our new site you will notice three key areas of improvement:

  1. New, modern look and feel
  1. Tag line switch up
  1. Increased focus on your daily pain points (and how to solve them)  

The New CoreView.com

We talk the talk of enterprise organizations (and you know...solve all of their M365 needs) but we weren’t walking the walk.  

The solution was obvious...after a few sleepless nights. We needed to be the metaphorical coworker that sports funky socks and pioneers new projects. To convey this in website form we are now the SaaS Management Platform with powerful colors and images, speaking directly to the needs of our audience, and how to solve them.

Microsoft 365, Mastered

With this newfound swagger we zero in on solving enterprise issues for Microsoft 365.  

Now don’t get us wrong we are still aligned for improving SaaS efficiency for all. But our goal is to continue to be the leader in Microsoft 365 management. And CoreView and Microsoft? Two peas in a pod.  

You talking to me?

In all honesty, yes.  

Gone are the days of terms like – single pane of glass, streamline, and all of that SaaS jargon – leaving you feeling like..

With our new messaging we talk like a normal human - one who knows Microsoft 365 banter as well as Bill Gates. We are on your team and want to ensure that CoreView solves your problems.  

Welcome to the next chapter of CoreView!  

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