Interested in bragging about your amazing partnership with CoreView? Or just curious about our color palettes.

Below you will find the guidelines to help clarify the proper usage of our brand assets like - logos and colors. These guidelines may be updated from time to time, so please be sure to check back for any new additions.


CoreView is the global leader in Microsoft 365 management for large enterprises with customers managing more than 5.5 million M365 users worldwide. We help IT and Security teams master their Microsoft 365 deployment to increase efficiency, drive ROI, and mitigate risks. IT leaders turn to CoreView when they’re ready to break through limitations set by Microsoft 365’s default management interfaces and need true enterprise-grade delegated administration and cross-SaaS workflow automation to meet their goals. Our customers save time, avoid errors, and achieve levels of security and compliance not possible without our powerful tools. (PS, Admins love us too!)



CoreView logo on white background
CoreView primary logo.
Old CoreView Logo. Do not use.
Old CoreView logo is no longer supported.
CoreView logo on dark blue background
CoreView logo overlaid on color background.
CoreView Logo on a busy background
CoreView logo overlaid on busy background.


Soft Blue
HEX: #4a90e2
RGB: 74, 144, 226
CMYK: 67, 36, 0, 11
Very Dark Blue
HEX: #214063
RGB: 33, 64, 99
CMYK: 67, 35, 0, 61
Vivid Green
HEX: #70db0b
RGB: 112, 219, 11
CMYK: 49, 0, 95, 14
Very Dark Grayish Blue
HEX: #2a2d34
RGB: 42, 45, 52
CMYK: 19, 13, 0, 80
Moderate Cyan
HEX: #51bdbe
RGB: 81, 189, 190
CMYK: 57, 1, 0, 25