Accurate SaaS Reporting and Chargebacks

Granular and accurate reporting of M365 and other SaaS end users, licenses and utilization are key to accurately charging back for actual usage.

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“Reporting function in CoreView is one of the best we have seen, you can generate the audit log by administrator, audit log in O365 tenant, licensing information, license calculator by just clicking onto the built-in function. We also use the Cost calculator in CoreView to charge back the licensing cost to each ‘Virtual Tenant’ owner.”

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Common ChallengesResults with CoreView
Time consuming to attribute costs to different departments, locations, regions, business units, etc.Instantly see granular cost reporting across all M365/O365 and other SaaS products – by department, locations, region, business unit or any other
Difficult to determine if license costs are appropriate based on actual used and needCreate license pools with chargeback capabilities
Painful to get pushback from business unites that disagree with allocationsAutomatically leverage multiple sources to define and detail cost allocations

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