Office 365 License Management & Reporting

CoreAdmin helps you delegate access, automate admin workflows, partition license pools and create custom reports, so it’s easier than ever to manage permissions, calculate chargebacks and perform audits.

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The Benefits of CoreAdmin

Companies that need numerous global admins to handle Office 365 tasks are less efficient, have weaker reporting and are more vulnerable to security breaches. CoreAdmin helps by offering RBAC to restrict admin access, built-in reports that use metadata to drill deeper, and workflow templates that make processes automatic, repeatable and consistent.

Lowering Admin Costs Is Easy

By partitioning permissions with role-based access control (RBAC), you’ll need fewer global admins. This lowers user costs and improves security.

Cost Reporting Is More Transparent

By segmenting your licenses into sub-pools, you’ll be able to track usage and costs to each team.

Reports Are More Detailed

Data can be analyzed by department, location and other metadata, so your reports reveal more relevant insights.

You Can Stay in Your Azure AD Environment

CoreAdmin integrates with Azure AD, which means you don’t have to leave your secure, SSO environment to use it.

Customization Is Easy

Different companies have different needs. We make it easy to customize administration through Workflows and relevant custom PowerShell scripts.

Hybrid & Cloud

Whether you use cloud or hybrid solutions, your entire Office 365 system can be maintained.

Popular CoreAdmin Features

RBAC Admin Rights

Delegate Control Over Reporting, Admin Functions and Customization

CoreAdmin allows global IT administrators to delegate control over all aspects of the management interface, including reports, custom Powershell scripts and everyday admin functions.

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Automated Workflows

Use Workflow Templates to Automate Provisioning & Deprovisioning Operations

With CoreAdmin, you can create automated provisioning and deprovisioning processes. This ensures that your users have correct licenses and access to the right applications and infrastructure.

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License Reclamation

Find Inactive Office 365 Licenses and Reallocate Them With Ease

With CoreAdmin, you can find all of your inactive, oversized and duplicated Office 365 licenses and reallocate them without ever leaving the management platform. This prevents overspending and helps you identify zones with poor product adoption.

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Custom Actions

Embed Custom Powershell Scripts in Your Personalized Portal to Use Again and Again

Not only do we provide out of the box webform-based management actions, but we also allow you to embed your custom scripts into our framework as new menu options. That way you can run those management actions whenever they’re needed.

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Case Study

CoreView has enabled The Wonderful Company to optimize its license management and reconstruct Office 365 into a set of virtual-tenants…

“CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before. We can now monitor how licenses are distributed among the different business units and easily identify inactive or disabled accounts.”



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