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Revolutionize Office 365 Management and Administration

CoreView radically simplifies O365 management, while adding boundless power. Segregate admin duties, reduce complexity, eliminate scripting, perfect policy management, and optimize licenses — far beyond Microsoft 365 admin center.

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The benefits
Improve security through a zero trust approach to M365 with least privilege admin access, and enhanced e-discovery and forensics leveraging enriched long-term data. Effortlessly manage day-to-day tasks using robust analytics with built-in management actions, transforming hundreds of wasted hours into time spent increasing product usage and driving growth. Easily optimize licenses, set chargebacks, and limit overspending.
Least Privilege Access

Virtual Tenants turn a single O365 environment into a set of independent silos, easing administration. RBAC restricts admins to only what they need to do -- improving efficiency and security.

Radically Simple Administration

CoreView consolidates over a dozen Microsoft Admin Center application interfaces into a single pane -- while eliminating the need for scripting.

Easy License Optimization and Chargebacks

Discover all O365 licenses and reallocate unused, unassigned, and underused licenses to map the right tools to the right people. Instant detailed reports allow accurate chargebacks.

“If you are looking for a solution that provides the most in-depth Office 365 user and subscription detail at your fingertips, CoreView is it.”


Jeff Janovich
Cloud Solutions Architect, Carlisle Construction Materials


Virtualize Your Tenant To Fit Your Organization

Segment your tenant into Virtual Tenants that reflect departments, groups, countries, locations, etc. Restrict what users can see and act on, making it much easier to manage, and much more secure.

Delegate Administration for Segregation of Duties
Delegate control over reports, custom PowerShell scripts, and management actions, using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) that goes far beyond native capabilities. Fewer Global Admins = lower costs and higher security.

Understand and Control M365 with Enriched Data and Reports
Using CoreAdmin is like seeing the world with glasses after years of fuzzy vision. View reports that tap into data enriched with device and user parameters. Go back in time far longer than the default retention periods. And take action on what you find.

Instantly Set Chargebacks, Reallocate Licenses, and Limit Overspending
Intelligently group licenses into license pools to set accurate chargebacks and make it easy to limit overuse and overspending. Reallocate licenses based on usage data to ensure the right people have the right licenses.