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Until September 2020, we are offering our CoreLearning and CoreAdoption products for Microsoft Teams for free to help businesses and government agencies educate remote workers on how to effectively engage with and leverage Teams through our free offering, CoreDiscovery. CoreDiscovery also identifies license optimization and savings opportunities, and tracks ongoing license utilization. 

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The Benefits of CoreDiscovery for Cutting Operating Costs

Office 365 can be tough to understand and manage. CoreDiscovery to cut operating costs, based on nearly 10 years of Office 365 experience, offers over 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that inform IT on O365 trends, highlights opportunities for improvement, and details security issues found on the tenant.
Product Usage Dashboard

Organizations pay for O365 licenses, but do not know if that investment is maximized. CoreDiscovery to cut operating costs shows the percentage of active users for each service, and the amount of activity performed within each application. This is critical for ultimately driving greater adoption of key services such as Teams.

Security and Compliance Dashboard

Office 365 has a number of service-specific vulnerabilities and security issues. Find mailbox security flaws, the level of multi-factor authentication, and data leakage and intellectual property theft issues. You also learn if end users are complying with corporate usage and security policies.

License/Cost Dashboard

The License Dashboard shows how many and what kind of licenses the organization has, how many are inactive, unassigned or oversized, and how much money the company is losing through license waste. It shows licenses by department, SKU, subscriptions expiring in 90 days, and forecasts used vs. license losses over the next three years.

Enhanced Secure Score

CoreDiscovery to cut operating costs enhances Microsoft’s Office 365 Secure Score with more data and deeper filtering. Learn where you stand on identity, data, devices, apps and infrastructure. Discover areas of improvement for your tenant.

Over 100 KPIs/Metrics

Metrics tracked and reported on include operations and administration, license status and optimization opportunities, application usage, security and compliance including mailbox security, and authentication status.

Performs Deep Health Check, Generates Report

CoreDiscovery performs a complete Office 365 Health Check scan and details the status of the entire O365 tenant. The CoreDiscovery solution then follows up these findings with real-time and near real-time analysis and updates.

Popular CoreDiscovery Features

100+ KPIs/Metrics

What You Don’t Know Hurts: Learn Exactly What Your O365 Tenant Is Doing

CoreDiscovery to cut operating costs offers total picture of O365 management, security, application adoption, and how much you can save through license optimization. IT pros no longer fly blind, but manage and secure their Office 365 tenant with true knowledge.

Includes Office 365 Health Check

Office 365 Health Check Report Details Everything

CoreDiscovery for CoreSuite’s KPIs/metrics and reports give an up to the minute O365 view. The included Office 365 Health Check scans the entire tenant, producing a detailed 20-page report on strengths and weaknesses, along with an action plan addressing the problems.

Product Usage Reports

Learn If You Are Truly Getting Your O365 Money’s Worth

CoreDiscovery for CoreSuite tracks all application workloads by users, and discovers how much of the apps are exploited. Perfect for adoption campaigns or license downsizing.

License Optimization and Savings

Get Complete View Of License Use And License Waste

Discover how many licenses are unassigned, inactive or oversized, and learn exactly how much is saved by returning and downsizing licenses with CoreDiscovery for CoreSuite

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Discover O365 tenant issues through a series of dedicated operational and security/compliance dashboards, tracking of over 100KPIs/metrics.


Free Office 365 View with 100 Metrics, Deep License Savings, and Security Details.


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“CoreView provides deep insights into the Office 365 usage details that truly matter for IT management.”


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