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Radically Boost Efficiency with Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation

Microsoft 365 workflow done right – smart IT automation for admin efficiency, human error reduction, flawless configuration, and unrivaled security.

The benefits
Achieve Microsoft 365 automation for admin efficiency and effectiveness. CoreFlow smartly and deeply automates M365 IT tasks through workflows, replacing complicated manual tasks with one-click error-free completion.
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Stop Cloud Attacks

Gartner finds that most successful cloud attacks exploit misconfiguration. Once you have a secure approach configuration, map it to a workflow so it is done properly each time.

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Reduce Admin Mistakes

Streaming administration through workflows takes the guesswork out of account management, license management, and security and compliance operations.

Deep Workflow Automation

Customizable IT admin processes can be run from the CoreFlow workflow engine. Steps can be chained together so they are performed in the proper sequence. All management actions can be part of a workflow, including custom PowerShell scripts, leading to unlimited scenarios.

“We view CoreView as experts in the field that can guide us to the most pertinent parts of the M365 ecosystem and integrate best practices into workflows.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative


Provision and Deprovision Safely and Easily

Workflow templates automate provisioning/deprovisioning. With automation, IT ensures users have the right licenses to access the right infrastructure. IT can “clone” users or create them from template to reduce errors and speed provisioning.

External Users Lifecycle Governance

From our usage stats, we have found that 90% of External Users become inactive after 90 days. With automation, you can automatically block access and remove the user, or asking consent to the person or the manager who invited them. Any active account is an additional endpoint opened on your tenant.

Automate Licenses Management Easily

Create and automate a process to reclaim licenses when a user becomes inactive, ask approval to the manager or IT or to start the process to buy additional licenses, OR automate the request to your LSP through a workflow when a usage threshold is reached.

Increase Admin Efficiency While Reducing Mistakes

Custom workflows replace and streamline tedious manual processes with automation and error-free operations. Time saved by M365 admins can be spent on more strategic IT work, while ensuring fewer support tickets opened to Support teams.

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