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CoreLearning surfaces 2,100+ training videos within your Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics products. Plus, it offers ways to promote and track product adoption. BrainStorm’s separate platform takes users away from the task at hand without tools for adoption. Which do you want when it’s time to get to work?

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A Side-by-side Comparison

CoreLearning is more than a training tool. It’s a comprehensive product adoption platform that keeps employees centered in Office 365 and keeps you in command of how they use it. Admins can monitor usage by cohort, send targeted adoption campaigns and keep training videos in Office 365, not out of it. Still not convinced? The following BrainStorm comparison will show why CoreLearning is the better choice to meet your Microsoft training needs.


2,100+ Videos, Stay in Apps, Plus Monitoring & Campaigns

CoreLearning is all about training in context. Rather than teaching employees in a separate platform during their downtime, we help employees get answers in the tools they are working in.  Plus, we still offer comprehensive Office 365 usage analytics and targeted adoption campaigns.

  • Stay In Office 365
  • Informational videos (2,100+)
  • Personal Learning Paths
  • Video Viewing Analytics
  • Office 365 Usage Analytics
  • Multi-language Support
  • Create Custom Libraries in SharePoint
  • Segment Data by Custom Cohorts
  • Create Targeted Adoption Campaigns
  • Monitor & Adapt Campaign Effectiveness

Fewer Videos, Separate Platform, No Adoption Campaigns

BrainStorm’s classroom experience pushes users to an outside platform, away from their work in Office 365 apps. Plus, with less content to share, they must supplement with inefficient instructor-led training sessions, offering no scalable, targeted adoption campaigns.

  • Separate Platform
  • Informational Videos
  • Personal Learning Paths
  • Video Viewing Analytics
  • Leader Boards

A Suite of Solutions to Optimize All Your Microsoft Operations

Not only do we offer superior training and adoption features, we can also improve other aspects of your Microsoft-driven business. Whether you want to improve security, or license users more efficiently, CoreView offers a suite of scalable solutions that all operate within a single pane of glass.

  • Customer Support in the US and EMEA
  • Streamline License Administration Tasks
  • Monitor and Prevent Office 365 Security Breaches
  • Rapidly Audit PII and Meet GDPR Compliance
  • Make SharePoint Files More Searchable
  • Grant Role-based Access to Users
  • Segment Your Office 365 Tenant
  • Manage Everything from a Single Pane of Glass

A Training-Only Offering, No Suite & Less Scalability

BrainStorm’s sole focus is Microsoft eduction and if videos don’t work, they can only offer higher-cost instructor-led sessions that don’t scale well. They offer no other way to improve your business. So ask yourself: are you looking for more instructors or for ways to operate more efficiently?

  • QuickStart cards
  • Instructor-led training sessions

The Benefits of CoreLearning

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 products offer a wealth of features, many of which employees aren’t even aware of. With CoreLearning, employees can fill in their knowledge gaps by turning to a rich library of in-context tutorial videos that make training more likely to stick.

There's No Need to Sign-in Twice

Because CoreLearning is built in Azure, there’s no need for a second login once you open Office 365.

Training Is Widely Accessible

You can access CoreLearning content from the search bar or apps menu on any Office 365 service.

Enjoy in the Cloud or Hybrid

Whether you use cloud or hybrid licenses, your entire Office 365 system can use CoreLearning.

Monitor All Office 365 Usage

We don’t just report on training engagement. We also offer rich, segmented data on how employees are using their Office 365 apps.

Curate Learning Paths & Libraries

CoreLearning content is organized into logical learning paths, and can be added to custom SharePoint libraries to best suit users.

Send Targeted Adoption Campaigns

Our campaign capabilities make it easy to nurture product usage, pushing training content to those who aren’t using it.

Popular CoreLearning Features

2,100+ Videos

The Largest Multi-Lingual Office 365 Video Support Library in the World

With content to support everything from well-known solutions like Excel to enterprise options like SharePoint and Yammer, our library is vast, easily-accessible and always growing. Plus, our videos come with captions for hearing impairment and transcripts in 20+ languages. 

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Viewing & Usage Data

Keep Track of the Videos You've Watched, Identify Obstacles to Adoption

Before CoreAdoption, IT administrators would need to jump from product dashboard to product dashboard to report on training completion and adoption. Now, you get a single pane of glass to monitor training engagement and product usage, plus plenty of ways to segment that data.

office 365 adoption reports
Multiple App Integrations

Integrate with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, CoreAdoption and More

Since CoreLearning’s content is integrated into your Azure environment, it’s easy to pull videos into a custom learning page on SharePoint or share them in your next CoreAdoption email campaign.

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Targeted Emails

Tailor Emails for Roll-outs, Reminders and Tutorials — Prevent Email Fatigue

With our built-in email campaign solution, it’s easy to create templates for various change management initiatives. Then, with email open rate data, you can optimize templates to use the designs that work best and prevent compliant users from getting training tutorials they don’t need to see. 

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