2,000+ Office 365 Training & Tutorial Videos for Enterprise

CoreLearning makes thousands of training videos accessible from right within your Office 365  and Microsoft Dynamics products. This helps users get answers to their how-to questions without flooding your help desk.

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The Benefits of CoreLearning

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 products offer a wealth of features, many of which employees aren’t even aware of. With CoreLearning, employees can fill in their knowledge gaps by turning to a rich library of in-context tutorial videos that make training more likely to stick.

There's No Need to Sign-in Twice

Because CoreLearning is built in Azure, there’s no need for a second login once you open Office 365.

Training Is Widely Accessible

You can access CoreLearning content from the search bar or apps menu on any Office 365 service.

Get Transcripts in 20+ Languages

Our videos remain valuable to users across the world thanks to built-in transcripts available in 20+ languages.

Set Up SharePoint Learning Libraries

Since content is built into the Office 365 experience, it’s easy to collect videos on custom SharePoint pages.

Learning Paths Are Curated

CoreLearning content is organized into logical learning paths, so you can learn related functions more efficiently.

Enjoy in the Cloud or Hybrid

Whether you use cloud or hybrid licenses, your entire Office 365 system can use CoreLearning.

Popular CoreLearning Features

2,100+ Videos

One of the Largest Microsoft Office Video Support Libraries in the World

With content to support everything from well-known solutions like Excel to enterprise options like SharePoint and Yammer, our library is vast, easily-accessible and always growing.

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Multi-language Support

Videos Include Captions for Hearing Impairment and 28 Transcript Languages

Under each video is a running caption for the hearing impaired. There is also a small transcript button below each video that shows our tutorial content translated in 28 languages.

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App Integrations

Integrate with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, CoreAdoption and More

Since CoreLearning’s content is integrated into your Azure environment, it’s easy to pull videos into a custom learning page on SharePoint or share them in your next CoreAdoption email campaign.

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Viewing History

Keep Track of the Videos You've Watched So You Can Keep Learning More

Every time you watch a video it will show the content as ‘checked off.’  This allows you to easily jump back into a training routine each day and helps you find the refresher videos you need faster.

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