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Movers, Joiners, and Leavers: Managing personnel changes and external users in Microsoft 365

“It is easier for an external or internal threat actor to gain unauthorized access to enterprise assets or data through using valid user credentials than through ‘hacking’ the environment.” (CIS Control 5: Account Management)

The native Microsoft 365 features allow for collaboration with external users. But, like any powerful tool, your M365 environment must have the right measures in place to maintain security and compliance baselines.

You might be wondering:

  • How can we allocate licenses to internal and guest users so that everyone can do their jobs?
  • What's the best way to evaluate our current security setup for all users, regardless of their location or role?
  • How can we maintain a consistent, efficient review process for user access rights?

Get your user and guest access questions answered in our upcoming webinar, “Movers, Joiners, and Leavers: Managing personnel changes and external users in Microsoft 365.” Microsoft expert Roy Martinez and MVP nominee Kas Nowicka will walk through best practices and tips for governing users in Microsoft 365.  

You’ll walk away with insights on:

  • How to allocate and manage licenses effectively and securely
  • Recommended security measures to implement for all internal and external users
  • Developing systems and processes to assess user access rights on an ongoing basis

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Boasting a decade of exclusive focus on Microsoft cloud solutions, Kas Nowicka expertly combines tech knowledge with understanding human behavior, enhancing productivity, and governance in Microsoft 365 with her strong educational and evangelistic approach.

Roy Martinez, an established Microsoft and IT expert with over 16 years of experience, leverages deep understanding of Microsoft governance and strategic outlook as CoreView’s technology evangelist to secure and manage IT infrastructure across verticals.

Kas Nowicka
Product Marketing Manager

Roy Martinez
Technology Evangelist