Pre-Built And Custom Office 365 Reports At Your Fingertips

CoreReporting removes all Office 365 administrative and security blind spots putting IT back in the driver’s seat.

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The Benefits of CoreReporting

Forget limited reports built into Office 365 Admin Center, and put PowerShell on the shelf. Let CoreReporting do it all for you. IT now gains visibility and reporting on their tenant in a few clicks and seconds — compared to the several hours it takes with the native Office 365 Admin Center.
License Stats Lead to 30% Savings

License reports show how many licenses were bought, and how many are actually consumed. This knowledge helps IT return unused and unneeded licenses, and workload stats supports license downsizing for more savings.

Over A Dozen Report Types

Reports run the full O365 gamut, and include operations, licenses, users, mail traffic, Exchange, Skype for Business, Teams, Group Reports, Device, SharePoint, Aggregation Reports, OneDrive and Yammer. With on-premises reports, you now understand your hybrid environment.

Security Tracked And Measured

Traditional security measures such as anti-virus/anti-malware and firewall do little to close Office 365-specific vulnerabilities. CoreReporting finds O365 weaknesses in mailbox practices, password safety and authentication, external data sharing which exposes confidential data – and more.

Workload Analysis Drives Adoption

CoreReporting shows IT, as well as C-level and line of business managers, how much of Office 365 is used, and what that means for productivity. Are workers still on Skype when they should have moved to Teams, or not taking advantage of OneDrive?

Secure Score Shows Where You Stand

Learn how your shop compares to other O365 customers; find ways to improve protection with enhanced O365 Secure Score. Microsoft’s Office 365 Secure Score is enhanced with more data and deeper filtering. See where you stand on identity, data, devices, apps and infrastructure.

Stop Flying Blind

CoreReporting includes reports from three different CoreView solutions: CoreAdmin focused on management, CoreSecurity, which tackles Office 365-specific vulnerabilities, and CoreAdoption, which drives deeper use of Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Popular CoreReporting Features

Save 30% On Licensing

Did you know many licenses are unused or oversized?

CoreReporting discovers how many licenses are unused, unassigned, or oversized, showing how to save 30% on average.

Analyze Millions of Entities in an Instant

O365 has millions of items that should be tracked.

CoreReporting’s faster, detailed and customizable reports make reporting a breeze compared to Microsoft tools. Organizations will be able to easily analyze millions of entities in an instant.

These reports go from high-level overall organization stats down to the individual end user level.

Visibility With Little Effort

Creating report types and gathering data is difficult

CoreReporing comes with more than 300 properties retrieved in near real time from Office 365, from Exchange configuration settings per user like Litigation Hold, Archiving, Storage, to OneDrive usage stats, to Teams configuration settings and Yammer Usage

Pre-Built and Custom Reports

Often pre-built reports are not enough

Every O365 tenant is different, and smart IT pros need insight into their particular environment. With CoreReporting, IT can build custom reports, including through PowerShell scripting.

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Forget limited reports built into Office 365 Admin Center, and put PowerShell on the shelf. Let CoreReporting do it all…


Know EVERYTHING About Your Office 365 Environment.


Shadow IT is a great term to get people interested in what it is that Alpin does. However, Alpin goes…

“CoreView enables us to create reports on information we were never able to see before. We can now create targeted marketing campaigns with integrated training videos and monitor our adoption growth.”