Microsoft 365 Reports – With EVERYTHING You NEED To Know

Get over a hundred Microsoft 365 reports on Management, Security and Adoption. CoreReporting gives customers visibility and reporting on their tenant in few clicks and seconds–compared to the several hours it takes with the native Microsoft 365 Admin Center and PowerShell scripting.

The benefits
CoreReporting offers hundreds of configuration properties retrieved in near real time from Microsoft 365, from Exchange configuration settings per user like Litigation Hold, Archiving, and Storage, to OneDrive usage stats, Teams configuration settings, and Yammer Usage.
Gain O365 Insight Automatically

Forget limited reports built into Microsoft 365 Admin Center, and put Powershell on the shelf. Let CoreReporting do it all for you.

Over 100 Pre-Built Reports Paint Complete M365 Picture

Visibility into Teams, SharePoint, Exchange and other M365 services. Track usages, security, users and compliance.

Operations, Security and Adoption All Exposed

Reports track activities of admins/operators to improve operations, discover state of email security, password and authentication practices. Discover neglected applications.

If you are looking for a solution that provides the most in-depth Microsoft 365 user and subscription detail at your fingertips, CoreView is it.

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Delegate Control Over Reporting, Admin Functions And Customization
CoreAdmin allows global IT administrators to delegate control over all aspects of the management interface, including reports, custom Powershell scripts and everyday admin functions.

Track Apps, On-Prem Users, and Security Details

Usage, user identities, Teams details, full application adoption insights all available. Views range from high-level aggregate to nitty gritty details right down to the end user level.

Detect Unused and Oversized Licenses, Usage Details

Are your users stuck on Skype when they should be using Teams? Paying for licenses that haven’t been used for months? Discover and rectify both situations.

Get Reports on Millions of Entities and Events — Instantly

CoreReporting’s faster, detailed and customizable reports make reporting a breeze compared to Microsoft tools.

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