CoreSaaS Discovers Shadow IT and Manages All SaaS

Customers use CoreSaaS (formerly Alpin) to discover cloud software products, manage costs and renewals, increase security and compliance, and automate processes.

saas management platform

The Benefits of CoreSaaS

Companies want to see and govern the wide array of SaaS applications in use within the organization. CoreSaaS is a SaaS app that discovers and manages SaaS apps. It helps admins get a full view of what is happening, and pull together all those SaaS products into one management interface.

It is SaaS, mastered.

Shadow IT Discovery Is Extensive

Discover which SaaS applications are in use, by whom. Choose any or all of 14 methods – including pulling information from systems you already have in place – to get the most complete picture of your SaaS estate.

All SaaS Is In One Place

Once you have discovered it, see all your SaaS products in a single portal. Get a consolidated, holistic view of the hundreds or thousands of applications and browser extensions that are in use within your organization.

SaaS Activity Is Monitored

Understand what is happening within your key SaaS products. Drill down from top-level reports to detailed information, across your user base and the array of products they are using.

Cost Info and Chargebacks Are Easier

Allocate costs and usage by department, location, and more to set chargebacks. Optimize licenses and cut costs by up to 30% from unused, underused, and duplicative software. Master subscription renewals using a consolidated calendar.

Security Is Finally Possible

Identify and act upon misconfigurations, suspicious events, and risky behavior across many SaaS products. Apply consistent policies to avoid security risks. Access extended audit logs for long-term forensic analysis.

Workflows Improve Everything

Automate processes using a visual workflow engine. Improve consistency and stop wasting time on provisioning and de-provisioning. Increase security by automating alerts and actions on security risks.

Popular CoreSaaS Features


Stop Spreading Corporate Data All Over The Web

Large organizations have hundreds, usually thousands, of SaaS products in use. Employees store and share sensitive data in places that really should not be holding the organization’s IP. CoreSaaS helps you see and govern the SaaS Swamp.

RBAC Admin Rights

Delegate Control Over Reporting and Admin Functions

SaaS administrators can distribute limited, fine-grained admin rights to any other user. Let those users see and manage only what is necessary for them to efficiently do the right tasks, while reducing the load on central IT resources.

Zombie Users

They Must Be Killed For Real

You can save a lot of money once you find users who don’t actually use paid products. CoreSaaS identifies these Zombies: former employees who need to be de-provisioned, and current users who don’t really use the product much (or at all).


Workflows Make Life Easier and More Secure

Waking up in the morning excited to de-provision former employees? Didn’t think so. CoreSaaS automates tedious tasks so you can focus on the big picture. And robots never sleep, so you won’t forget to close that security hole when it opens up again.

Forget the cost management, the value-add is gaining visibility in the shadow IT. Great service!

William Gregorian, Head of Security – Iterable