Effortless Office 365 Auditing, PII Scanning, and GDPR Compliance

With CoreScan, it only takes a few seconds to audit your company’s documents for Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and a few quick clicks to meet GDPR compliance.

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The Benefits of CoreScan

Growing concerns over privacy and Right to Be Forgotten requests, as well as new regulations for data protection make CoreScan’s ability to audit and update documents in seconds incredibly relevant in today’s world. 

GDPR Compliance Is Simplified

CoreScan helps you find senstive data so you can manage data risks and remain GDPR compliant.

File Scanning Is Lightning Fast

With CoreScan, you can look through thousands of documents for sensitive information in mere seconds.

Taking Action Is Easier

Whether you need to redact info or delete files, CoreScan makes it easy to locate issues and take action.

Prioritization Is Built-in

Risk scores help you prioritize a file’s threat level. Score more for credit card numbers, less for email addresses.

Reporting Is Fine-grained

Scans can focus on particular folders, file types, PII and more, so reports show exactly where action is required.

Scan All Your On-premise Documents

This on-premise GPDR software solution offers a comprehensive review of all key documents.

Popular CoreScan Features

Search Configurations

Configure Scans to Look in Certain Places for Certain Types of Data

With CoreScan, it’s easy to configure repeatable data scans. For instance, if you kept bank applications on a SharePoint server, you could configure a scan to search that server for account details, addresses and names.

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Risk-level Scores

Give Ratings to Different Types of Information So You Can Prioritize Data Risks

Documents can contain everything from credit card numbers and health record details to full names and street addresses. Decide which threats you want to prioritize by giving each type of information a threat level score.

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Reports & Customization

Create Custom Search Criteria and Easily Report Non-compliances

CoreScan makes it easy to create custom search rules and share reports. For example, you can create a rule that looks for employee ID numbers, then share a report with leadership that shows which IDs are in documents.

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Built-in Actions

Delete Risky Files or Redact Data to Comply with Right to Be Forgotten (RTBF) Requests

Not only can CoreScan search for sensitive text and images, it can also help you take action. Built-in functions let you quickly delete files, manually redact RTBF details and confirm that updates were made correctly.

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“The GDPR requires all organizations to implement a wide range of measures to reduce the risk of breach…and to prove that they take data governance seriously. CoreScan provides us with that.”

James Eaglesfield – Data Protection Officer, University of Derby


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