Office 365 Security & Compliance Alerts

With CoreSecurity, you can prevent security incidents with continuous security assessments to detect, alert and correct vulnerabilities. 

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The Benefits of CoreSecurity

Microsoft usage and log-in data offers a wealth of information for tracking down and staying ahead of security breaches. CoreSecurity mines that data for you, offering fine-grained compliance reporting that would take months to acquire manually, and alerting you to incidents in real time, not weeks later.

Security Data Is Unified

We monitor all Office 365 solutions at once, scanning both user and admin activities, so you aren’t jumping between dashboards to look for non-compliances.

Activity Logs Are Comprehensive

Microsoft only stores activity logs for 90 days. We store a full-year by default, so IT teams can perform forensic investigations during security audits.

Reporting Is Fine-grained

Data can be analyzed by department, business unit, country and more, so it’s easier to determine exactly where breaches first occur. 

Alerts Are Automatic

When security incidents or compliance issues occur, we make sure you know right away — not weeks later.

Policy Enforcement Is Easy

We make it easy to create custom alerts for constant policy monitoring and enforcement for your specific Office 365 configuration and usage rules. 

All License Types Are Tracked

Whether you use cloud or hybrid licenses, your entire Office 365 system can be monitored. 

Popular CoreSecurity Features

Long-term Log Files

Perform Forensic Analysis and Security Auditing with Unlimited Activity Logs

CoreSecurity provides in-depth audits of user activity from different services like Exchange, Teams, Dynamics, OneDrive, SharePoint and AzureAD. Plus, Office 365 only stores logs for 90 days, while we provide a year of logs by default. Additionally, our logs are human readable and come with added info like country and department.

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Real-time Alerts

Create Automated Alerts So Administrators Discover Security Issues in Real Time

According to a study by the Ponemon Institute, it takes an average of 191 days for organizations to identify a data breach. With CoreSecurity’s automatic alerts, you’ll know immediately when confidential data is shared and where unusual log-in attempts are made.

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Compliance Monitoring

Set and Monitor Company Compliance Policies to Reduce Perimeter Breaches

With 200+ customizable reports to cover all aspects of Office 365 usage and activity, you’ll be better equipped to see if employees are following company policies and keeping files secure.

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Enriched Audit Data

Take Log Analysis to the Next Level With Enriched Audit Metadata

CoreSecurity adds metadata like Company, Department and Country to all entries to make data analysis more effective. For example, unlike competitors, we can show all the files on a Legal Department SharePoint site that were accessed by employees from other departments.

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