Office 365 And SaaS Management Consulting, Education And Support

CoreSuccess is a best practice customer success approach to optimize the management of SaaS solutions. Our services programs generate high value outcomes using a proven methodology that produces results in a short period of time.

“A systems migration like the one we have done is daunting. Things could go wrong. We have chosen the right software package for administration, learning, and governance. And we are empowering our local users to take some of that responsibility and invest in the success of the cooperative.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director – Jefferson County Library Cooperative


CoreSuccess M365 consulting expertise provides best practice recommendations on CoreView configuration, automation of management actions and reporting that will improve license optimization, adoption and security and IT risk mitigation saving you time, money and resources.

The CoreSuccess education program provides a Just-In-Time-Learning (JITL) set of videos within CoreView and Virtual Instructor Led courses to support the knowledge transfer and clear understanding of “how to” use CoreView to manage O365 and SaaS solutions.

CoreView offers world class support programs with availability 24/7 and SLA commitments which is accompanied by consulting coaching, phone support, hot topic webinars, product release updates, online user guides, best practices tips, product roadmap updates, customer innovation feedback, and uptime tracking.

Provides a clear roadmap to improving the maturity level of an IT organization’s effectiveness in managing cloud solutions. Proactively aligns business initiatives, goals and objectives with best practices in license management, adoption and utilization, as well as security and IT policy compliance.

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from our competitors​
CoreView solves M365 problems and issues no one else can.
We Protect Office 365 Better
We fill Office 365 security holes our rivals can’t touch, making M365 itself your first line of defense.
We Manage Office 365 Like No Other

M365 waste hundreds man hours on manual tasks while struggling to manage M365 right. CoreView manages M365 fast and right!

We Optimize Office Productivity, Licenses and Economics Insanely Well
CoreView reduces SaaS license costs 30-56%, doubles productive use of SaaS apps, and maximizes ROI while reducing TCO.
“We needed a scalable solution that could provide us with an enhanced view of our SaaS and cloud environment as they navigated the challenges associated with our large-scale integration. As early adopters of M365, we have some built-in advantages to our migration; however, CoreView will enable us to confidently mitigate risk, identify cost-savings, and drive adoption during our migration.”
Rob Lewis, Global Program Manager
Thyssen Elevators