Trial Activation Instruction

Once you first submit your trial request at, you’ll be redirected to the CoreView Portal.

You’ll be asked to:

  • Insert a Office 365 Global Admin credentials as well as notification email being used for further notification coming from CoreView
  • Select Data Center *
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Hit “Register Organization”

*Because CoreView serves customers globally, you’ll find that you can select from a number of various data centers.  Please take care with your selection because this cannot be reversed once your activation is complete.   If you are a federal, state or local government entity, CoreView will need to perform an additional step to assign you to our GCC data center.

You’ll be redirected to the registration wizard that includes following signup steps.


1. Admin Credentials 

Insert Office 365 Global admin credentials and choose if you want to be managed by the Partner who invited you to register your CoreView tenant. This option allows your Partner to select your CoreView tenant among the managed ones and visualize all the relative data once imported in CoreView portal as well as perform configuration changes.

Note: If you have created a test tenant for trial registration, please wait until the Global Admin account is synchronized on the Office 365 portal and confirm that there is at least one E1 license assigned to the user on the Office 365 portal.

Office 365 Admin username and password are never saved into CoreView systems. For more information: see the KB article “How admin credentials are gathered and stored?”

CoreSuite Activation

2. Credentials Verification

System verifies the information provided and starts the registration process.

3. Service Account Credentials

System creates the service accounts used to import your tenant data into CoreView portal.

4. Data Import

This step can take several hours, so you can close the browser session and wait for a confirmation email once the first import is completed, and you can start using CoreView portal.

Data Import