o365 saas management

Everything You Need to Protect, Manage and Optimize Microsoft 365 SaaS

Microsoft 365 applications are fantastic – M365 management not so much. CoreSuite makes M365 management simple and superb – top M365-specfic security protections makes your tenant danger-free, while optimization insures you pay for only licenses you use, and brings productivity to new highs.

The benefits
For enterprises, Microsoft 365 admin tasks are multiplied across thousands of employees and multiple geographies. CoreSuite’s single platform approach makes it easy to delegate admin tasks, automate alerts and facilitate adoption.
Security & Compliance

Track suspicious sign-ins, email forwards and external tenant attacks. Get alerts for potential data breaches.

Administration & Reporting

Manage M365 end users and licenses in Azure with single sign-on, one dashboard and 200+ out of the box reports.

Impressive M365 Application Product Adoption

Report product usage across a variety of user cross sections, and set up focused email campaigns to drive adoption.

“The CoreView solution has been instrumental in our newfound ability to manage our business units as separate entities – with accurate and uniform cost accounting for license ownership.”

Ismael Carlo, Global IT Services Manager


Get M365-Specific Security, Revolutionary Administration And Unparalleled Adoption In One Solution

CoreSuite offers one unified dashboard for our three most popular products: CoreAdmin, CoreSecurity and CoreAdoption. Users seamlessly shift between tasks like calculating chargebacks and preempting data breaches to onboarding new employees and tracking longterm product adoption.

Prevent And Respond to Data Breaches With Alerts And Forensic

When enterprise data is compromised, it can take months to find out — and even longer to track down the cause. CoreSecurity immediately alerts you to suspicious activity and provides long term storage for your user activity logs.

Delegate Control Over Reporting, Admin Functions And Customization

CoreAdmin radically improves administration and secures your M365 environment through RBAC, Virtual Tenants and segregation of duties. We also allow global IT administrators to delegate control over all aspects of the management interface, including reports, custom Powershell scripts and everyday admin functions.

Delegate And Oversee License Management

Thousands of employees means thousands of Microsoft licenses to manage. Keep things simple with a product that lets you segment your tenant, create license pools, delegate admin rights over licensing, simplify chargebacks and automate common provisioning tasks.

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