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Google-Caliber Search for SharePoint with Metadata Management

Sick of data and documents buried in SharePoint, never to be found? What if finding what you need is as easy as a Google (or Bing) search? It can be with CoreTag! Make SharePoint the intuitive document repository it was meant to be.

The benefits
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Find Buried SharePoint Documents

SharePoint docs are like a needle in a haystack. CoreTag knows just where to look! Roughly 80% of enterprise information is stored in documents, but only 20% is easily found. CoreTag prevents employees from wasting the day rifling through SharePoint by auto-applying metadata and taxonomies for Google-like search results.

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Find Docs Fast And Easy

Search results are more like Google. By easily and quickly scanning for things like client names, facilities, cities and common keywords, search results are more robust. Find what you need fast!

Guaranteed SharePoint Adoption

SharePoint is an amazing productivity and collaboration boost – if employees use it! Every client that implements CoreTag’s auto-tagging solution sees a boost in SharePoint usage. When moving content from on-premises to cloud, CoreTag keeps you from wasting time reorganizing folders.

“CoreTag is a highly advanced solution to unlock the information inside your document.”

Noel Dickinson, Process Automation Specialist
Dentsu Aegis Network


CoreTag Scans Document Text To Reveal Prominent Keywords And Taxonomies

With the help of Pattern Matching and Natural Language Processing (NLP), CoreTag discovers common terms and creates taxonomies that are unique to your business and content.

Auto-Tagging Ensures That Searchability Stays High As New Documents Are Added

As new files are created or as old documents are moved from on-premises to the cloud, CoreTag keeps enriching metadata automatically.

A.I. And Machine Learning Ensure That Taxonomies Continue To Evolve

As your company makes acquisitions, hires new employees and works with new customers, your metadata and taxonomies may be due for a change. Through machine learning, we ensure that SharePoint evolves with you.

With CoreTag Metadata, You’ll See A Boost In SharePoint Product Adoption

We have incredible confidence in the Google-like experience you get with CoreTag, because our customers consistently report improved SharePoint adoption after they implement it. If you’re trying to keep employees out of unsanctioned platforms, CoreTag can help.

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