Meet CoreSuite, the Microsoft 365 Management Platform

CoreView stops the chaos and gets Microsoft 365 under control. The Microsoft 365 Management Platform helpsIT teams get the full value from Microsoft 365, gain full oversight of their environment, and move at full speed.More than 10 million users and the world’s largest organizations rely on CoreView to craft perfect privileges, eliminate wasted licenses, drive adoption, and automate repetitive tasks.

With CoreSuite, It’s All Under Control

  1. FULL VALUE: Get more from yourMicrosoft 365 investment by optimizing licenses and driving adoption across the enterprise
  2. FULL OVERSIGHT: Identify and manage security and compliance gaps with real-time visibility into everything from breach attempts to policy violations
  3. FULL SPEED: Turn hours (or days) of work into just a few clicks, with a platform that does the heavy lifting on manual, mundane tasks

Chaos Costs Money; Control Drives ROI

Replace Manual Work with Automatic Ease

Find yourself spending countless hours wrangling reports that still have to be created manually? With CoreSuite, there’s no need. Automate and optimize workflows – from administrative tasks to in-depth reporting – and free uptime for more strategic IT initiatives.

Stay Safe, Stay Compliant

Found you’re out of compliance with ISO, SOC, GDPR, or internal policies? Or that mailboxes are automatically forwarding sensitive information to all kinds of places? CoreSuite keeps you safe and compliant, immediately alerting you to suspicious activity and ensuring you’re up-to-date on the latest guidance and governance.

Eliminate Microsoft Teams Sprawl

Microsoft Teams is great for collaboration, but with so many users, monitoring and managing Teams can feel near-impossible. Utilize Perfect Permissions, workflows, and delegated administration with CoreSuite to tame Teams, helping eliminate and reduce sprawl.

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