Microsoft 365 and its myriad of different applications produce a wealth of data. But accessing it can be challenging.

Pulling this data directly from Microsoft isn’t always straightforward; between throttling and data being stored in a variety of places, simply connecting directly to Microsoft to pull this data can be quite complicated.

Enter CoreView’s expertise in handling Microsoft data for millions of users around the world. If you’re already using CoreView, we’re already compiling and enriching this data for you. But what if you want to combine this Microsoft data with other data and into other systems?

CoreView’s Data Connector helps data scientists, data analysts, and system administrators interested in creating rich, dynamic reporting solutions. Create graphic summary reports for senior leadership, or design a full-scale data repository to surface within centralized locations for large-scale exposure and consumption.

The Data Connector add-on allows customers to export CoreView’s report data to a dedicated SQL Server for integration into other systems, such as business intelligence tools, HR systems, or Salesforce. This lets you take advantage of enriched CoreView report data in ways that are important to your business.

The Data Connector allows for robust integration with various third-party solutions. This enables companies to integrate CoreView’s enriched reporting with their existing data warehouse, thereby bridging the gap between M365 and other data sources to support seamless business intelligence across the entire enterprise.

The possibilities are endless; whatever you need Microsoft data to achieve, CoreView can help!

The Data Connector add-on features:

  1. Rich Dynamic Reporting
  2. Export CoreView’s Report Data to a Dedicated SQL Server
  3. Robust Integration With Various Third-party Solutions

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