Why maintain hybrid Microsoft 365 environments?

Microsoft teams have spent years integrating resources, including third-party services, with their on-premises infrastructure. Much of that is difficult or impossible to shift to the cloud.

Administrators also realize Entra ID can’t replace Active Directory entirely yet, impacting how they tackle account authentication and policy implementation. And, for many teams, going all-in
on cloud is not even an option due to the risks associated with systems solely reliant on internet availability.

These realities create the challenge of maintaining standardized and consistent environments, often managed by separate teams in the organizations.

CoreSuite for hybrid Microsoft 365 environments

CoreSuite dramatically simplifies how IT teams manage users, groups and mailboxes across Microsoft 365 environments. This purpose-built solution makes it easy to pull data from multiple sources, (e.g., Azure Active Directory/Entra ID, Active Directory with single or multi-forests, including Hybrid Exchange deployments) and normalize it into a single layer visualized in a secure web-based interface.

Admins have one place to collaborate across teams, manage all objects and automate standard processes. Global admins can also leverage virtual segmentation capabilities and granular permissions to securely delegate administration, providing true minimum access for IT and non-IT users within the organization.

CoreSuite is the only architecture-agnostic solution built to help Microsoft 365 teams manage and automate processes in hybrid environments – regardless of setup and topology.
With the CoreSuite Hybrid Connector, user provisioning is done faster and more consistently, reducing manual hand-offs and time, which can often lead to human errors and misconfiguration risks.


  1. The unified, web-based interface enables administrators to oversee on-premises and cloud environments seamlessly from one place.
  2. Dynamic data synchronization ensures that changes occur in real time between on-premises and cloud environments, allowing admins to work efficiently with the most up-to-date information.
  3. CoreSuite automated governance capabilities eliminate policy inconsistencies and access errors, improving security and compliance efforts by applying predefined policies and remediation actions automatically.
  4. Consistent and centralized user access and permission management allows IT and non-IT to have greater autonomy, with just the right amount of admin rights. Global admins don’t have to decide between locking systems down or giving users too much access.

Why hybrid environments are difficult to manage

  • Native Active Directory capabilities do not offer enough delegation capabilities to help organizations streamline
    IT operations.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools are not capable of helping with reporting and management beyond just the identity part (e.g., groups, mailboxes).
    Administration of objects from Active Directory and Exchange Server requires expert skills and experience, and knowledge within sections of the management panels required
    to carry out specific activities.
  • Some operations cannot be performed from the Global User Interface, so resources require advanced PowerShell skills to perform management activities

Examples of tasks CoreSuite solves

  • Instantly sync user provisioning
  • Reset on-premises user passwords
  • Change on-premises group memberships
  • Unlock both on-premises and cloud users and set conditional access
  • Enrich reporting with on-premises information
  • De-provision disabled users
  • Create or modify on-premises users or mailboxes
  • Enable remote mailboxes and migrate mailboxes
  • Automate on-premises tasks
  • Manage on-premises user properties

Most IT teams are straddling on-premises and cloud Microsoft 365 environments but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise governance or deal with complex hand-offs and delays in order to make changes across tenants. CoreView provides visibility and management across all objects, with the ability to automate governance and delegate administration from one solution, making it ideal for any organization running Microsoft 365 hybrid environments.

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