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Microsoft Office 365 Management Features

All-in-one Office 365 Management Platform

End-to-end visibility for your Office 365 investment

CoreView features
Office 365 management tool


Monitor and manage all Office 365 user activities with a single-pane-of-glass view.

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Office 365 reporting tool


Gain full visibility of your Office 365 tenant with more than 125 built-in, action enabled reports.

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Office 365 delegation


Empower your regional IT support teams by securely delegating specific admin rights.

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CoreView’s Microsoft Office 365 Management Features

Designed for enterprise

Includes a suite of integrated tools to manage the largest Office 365 tenants, or multi-tenant environments, all from a single console.

Role-Based access

Securely distribute the management of your Office 365 environment using RBAC to delegate exactly what tasks the regional administrators are allowed to perform.

CoreView User Card

User card

Comprehensive collection of all user information and management actions for any given user. The “User Card” in CoreView enables administrators to see everything about a user and perform necessary actions as needed.

Virtual-tenant grouping

Segment your existing tenant users into sub-tenants by using whatever AD attribute you decide (business unit, site location, etc.), and assign management control and data viewing for each virtual-tenant independently.

License pool

Assign binding license allotments to specific business units, or site locations. This feature puts you in control over license distribution and allows business units to manage their own license assignments.

Audit activities

Analyze user activities in detail to monitor for security compliance issues. Enable alert notifications to be triggered in the event of an identified security problem.

Analytics and Reporting

Office 365 user activity reports

Includes 125+ customizable reports that cover all aspects of Office 365, including reports for Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business and more. All reports are action enabled so administrators can easily make account updates as needed.

Customize and schedule reports

Pick from over 240 user metrics to create a custom report to meet your business need. Each custom report can be scheduled to run at a specific time and emailed to a predefined distribution list.

Office 365 hybrid environment

Office 365 Hybrid environment

Enable full monitoring and management for a hybrid environment from a single console. Reduce the amount of admin time necessary to manage a complex Office 365 deployment.

Management & Auditing

License Management

Full Office 365 license management

Tracking and reporting for all inactive and unassigned licenses. Also, provides ability to assign license allotments to specific business units or agencies. Fully optimize license management and take control over license distribution.

Office 365 security

Improve Office 365 admin efficiency

Empower regional administrators and helpdesk support teams to perform low-level admin tasks without granting them any rights to the Office 365 tenant. Bulk-action capabilities will simplify account updates on multiple users with a single-click.

office 365 compliance

Assign business compliance policies

Create security compliance baselines for users who share group membership or AD attributes. These can be used to enforce different policies such as 1-year mail retention.


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