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Microsoft Office 365 End User Training

Improve Office 365 adoption with targeted training campaigns

Microsoft Office 365 End User Training Videos

Enable your Community with Office 365 End User Training Videos

Improve adoption and usage with targeted training campaigns

Office 365 user training

Engage Users with Microsoft Office 365 End User Training Videos

  1. Provide recorded training videos for all Office 365 applications
  2. Send targeted communications to specific users with training links
  3. Create and deploy customized training videos for your user community
  4. Track and report on user completion of learning activities

4ward365 Integrated Training Videos

Integrated Office 365 Training Videos

Deploy an integrated training video library within your Office 365 environment. Enable users to select training videos for their area of interest.


Users can track the past videos that they watched and go back to review useful videos as needed.

User viewing of all videos is tracked and categorized for learning activity reporting.


Standard reports are available to monitor the viewership of all videos in the available library to showcase the most popular items which can then be promoted during targeted adoption campaigns. Advanced reports even track learning activities down to the user level.

4ward365 learning activities

Track Office 365 Learning Activities

Office 365 adoption

Drive Office 365 Adoption Campaigns

Facilitate targeted adoption campaigns for specific users by sending tailored messages with training video links and incentives to utilize all available workloads in Office 365.


Monitor readership of those communications and continue to track user activities for specific workloads, and training video access, to view adoption trends.

Organizations can create their own training videos and store them within the available library integrated with Office 365.


Videos can be tagged with catalog information to organize them within the repository. Users can immediately reference these new videos and forward links to colleagues.

4ward365 custom training

Add custom Office 365 End User Training Videos

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