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Microsoft 365 is the lifeblood of many Financial Services organizations.
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Maintain Compliance Across Geographies or Subsidiaries
When security mistakes are made, there are hefty fines from data breaches, and bad publicity and reputation damage that can be far more expensive – and in fact can easily put you out of business. CoreView lets you run automated reporting and address any compliance issues quickly.
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Keep Divisions/Units Separate

Security Means Data and Administration Isolation
With Virtual Tenants, you can segment or virtualize your tenant by geography, department or other criteria.
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End User Data Safety

End User Access and Authentication
Financial institutions must tightly control access to data and applications from employees, partners, and outsiders.
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Data Control

Audit So You Don’t Lose Data – or Control
Due to security and compliance concerns, financial organizations are loath to lose control of their data, and need assurance that it is still safe and under corporate control when in the cloud. Deep auditing of retained logs lets you see what happened, and how far a breach went.

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Create Least-Privileged-Access With Virtual Tenants and
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Automate Administration So IT Projects Takes Minutes,
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Find, and Automatically Fix, Common Security Gaps

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