Financial Services

M365 Management Ready for M&A, Perfect for the Budget

Microsoft 365 is the lifeblood of many Financial Services organizations.

Make M365 shine in 3 ways:
See it – Through Action-enabled Reporting
Manage it – With Granular Privileges for Each User
Automate it – With Cross-SaaS Workflows

“Financial services firms are 300 times as likely as other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack. Dealing with those attacks and their aftermath carries a higher cost for banks and wealth managers than for any other sector.”

Boston Consulting Group

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Business needs
we address
Security &
Monitor data sharing, suspicious login attempts and more with custom alerts.
Budgeting &
Get usage reports by sub-tenant or department for easy billing and cost transparency.
Admin Rights
Reduce the number of global admin accounts needed, saving costs and improving security.
New Product Adoption
Track usage activity and create customized SaaS product adoption campaigns.