GDPR Subject Access Request: Problem Solved

GDPR was launched over one year ago, however most companies are still struggling with compliance. According to a recent study only 27% of companies are GDPR compliant, 44% of these companies say one of the primary challenges is managing Subject Access Requests (SARs).

Don’t risk a penalty!

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Simplify GDPR data privacy compliance for your business

Requests for data can be made electronically or physically, and an organisation must respond in 30 days.

A key SAR challenge is gathering all the relevant information, which includes structured and unstructured data. Unfortunately, GDPR does not let you to leave information out just because it is hard to get.

GDPR applies to all types of systems, and anywhere personal data resides. Personal data can be stored everywhere in an organization — traditional databases, email, spreadsheets, text documents, PDFs, images – and that is just the beginning. Your organisation needs processes to pull data from all sources that include personal data – including active and archived information.

There is now a perfect solution to this problem: CoreScan from CoreView.

CoreScan is a low cost solution helping companies comply with GDPR, and avoiding big fines and reputational damage. CoreScan understands sensitive personal data within unstructured documents across multiple IT systems, and automates the management of Subject Access Request’s, Right to be Forgotten deletion and redaction processes.

Thanks to CoreScan, an organisation like yours saved £550,000, reducing a Subject Access Request response time from 20 days with four employees, to under five minutes with just one employee.


Don’t risk penalty!

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