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Posted 4 months ago

Our sizable and growing engineering organization presents us with a major opportunity to unlock value through the improvement of our level of automation. Faced with hundreds of millions of resources and events every month and thousands of operators per day, given our insatiable hunger for the ultimate performance optimization break through, we are always on the lookout for talents capable of taking on the challenges (and excitements!) of scalability and data management. This is why we are looking forward to you, a passionate and bright server infrastructure and automation engineer, to join us as we take the game to a whole new level. 

About CoreView

CoreView is the only SaaS Management Platform (SMP) for enterprises with Microsoft 365 at the core of their SaaS stack. IT leaders turn to CoreView when they’ve had it with Microsoft 365’s default management interfaces and desperately need true enterprise-grade delegated administration and cross-SaaS workflow automation to meet their goals. Our customers save time, avoid errors, and achieve levels of security and compliance not possible without our powerful tools. (PS, Admins love us too!)

CoreView is an Insight Portfolio company with US headquarters in Atlanta. Notable customers include Kaiser Permanente, iHeart Media, and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


  • Work closely with our Software Engineers and Data Scientists to identify the infrastructural needs of the company, and take the lead in defining the plan to fulfil them. 
  • Architect and implement world-class deployment processes and systems, also counting on our substantial software engineering firepower. Your goal will be total, flawless automation. 
  • Set up the data storage, retrieval, and processing infrastructure that our massive inflow of data and our extensive efforts in data science and analytics deserve. 
  • Solve challenging scalability problems in close collaboration with our Backend Engineers. 
  • Make sure the performance of our servers is appropriately monitored at all times. 
  • Stay informed on new, relevant technologies and test the promising ones to make sure we don’t miss out on game-changing opportunities to improve our infrastructure. 

What We Offer

  • Multinational and multi-cultural environment. We are a global company with people everywhere in the globe and you will work with colleagues from Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. 
  • Huge impact. You’ll be instrumental to ensuring the perfect working of software being used by tens of millions of people all around the world and processing enormous amounts of data. 
  • Talented, knowledgeable colleagues. You’ll get the chance to learn (and teach too!) some of the brightest and most skilled people you’ll ever meet. Your talent is going to blossom here. 
  • Cool tech stack. We are geeks and we aim to use the best, most modern tools and technologies.  
  • Own platform. We develop Our Own Platform at a very crazy speed! 
  • Fun and open environment. We have near-zero hierarchy and a very relaxed workplace. Also, we often hang out together, so you might actually end up making new friends! 
  • Top-notch coworking office. Our office is amazing! Copernico is a coworking place full of energy with many startups, companies, people from multiple countries and backgrounds. 
  • International reach. Our audience is wildly international. Our company language is English. We’re a global reality.

What We’re Look For

  • Relevant expertise. You know at least one cloud platform inside out (bonus points if it’s Azure, but others, such as AWS, work for us as well). You’re proficient with Kubernetes and Docker. You have a very good understanding of modern Unix systems. You also know your way around other key DevOps tools (e.g., Ansible, Terraform, Chef, etc.). Preferably, you can effectively configure modern databases (Redis, MongoDB, etc.). 
  • Passion for the topic. You have a long-standing, proven passion for server infrastructure and automation. 
  • You’re a quick and deep learner. You can investigate and effectively pick up new concepts on your own, especially when it comes to technology. Additionally, you don’t stop at the surface, but find enjoyment in exploring what lies beneath and becoming a master of your trade. 
  • Curiosity and initiative. You love exploring and you’re entrepreneurial in seeking out new opportunities and testing new ideas and technologies of your own accord. You don’t just wait to be told what to do all the time. 
  • Drive. You’re energetic, hard-working, and persevere through adversity until the job is done, and done well. You get turned on by getting results, and always aim for excellence in what you do. 
  • Attention to detail. You care to get the small things right as well as the big ones. You’re meticulous in ensuring that your work is of the highest quality. 
  • Diligence, organization. Conscientious and organized, you can blindly be entrusted with big responsibilities as well as small, more menial tasks. 
  • Humbleness. You’re down to earth, eager to listen to people’s feedback and constructive criticism, and ready to get your hands dirty with whatever the team needs to succeed. 
  • Caring. You find fulfilment in helping others be more efficient and less frustrated with their work, and you’re a patient listener of their needs. 
  • Proficient in English. You read and write proficiently, and speak at a conversational level in English.  

Compensation & Benefits

Generous, top of market, matching your skills and potential. We are extremely meritocratic, if your performance is outstanding, your compensation will grow very rapidly.

CoreView is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer that values the strength that diversity brings to the workplace.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against based on gender, race/ethnicity, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.

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