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SaaS, Mastered

With hundreds of millions of resources and events every month, our platform makes us the largest SaaS Management platform for Microsoft 365. We’re not satisfied yet, however, as our goal is becoming the #1SaaS Management Platform for any SaaS. What does this mean for you? Software engineering is at the very core of this enormously ambitious mission. We are committed to helping our customers to maximise SaaS investments. 

Join our quest to conquer all competition and learn from our Engineers how to create beautiful, strong code to automate processes, amaze users, manage tons of data or overcome impossible integration barriers. We can’t wait to teach you all our tips & tricks. 

Your responsibilities will vary according to the team you’ll work with, but you can expect to:  improve the quality of our platform, tools, or infrastructures by fixing bugs and refactoring the code base where necessary. Participate in product development for our platform or tools, getting a chance of witnessing how complex product roadmaps are managed in the real world. Work closely with our Software Engineers to expand our set of libraries and make our processes ever more efficient.Learn about new, relevant technologies and test the promising ones to make sure we don’t miss out on game-changing opportunities to boost our productivity and the enjoyment of our work. 

What we offer

  • Multinational and multi-cultural environment. We are a global company with people everywhere in the globe and you will work with colleagues from Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. 
  • Talented, knowledgeable colleagues. You’ll get the chance to learn from some of the brightest and most skilled people you’ll ever meet. Your talent is going to blossom here. 
  • Cool tech stack. We are geeks and we aim to use the best, most modern tools and technologies. 
  • Own platform. We develop Our Own Platform at a very crazy speed! 
  • Fun and open environment. We have near-zero hierarchy and a very relaxed workplace. Also, we often hang out together, so you might actually end up making new friends! 
  • Top-notch coworking office. Our office is amazing! Copernico is a coworking place full of energy with many startups, companies, people from multiple countries and backgrounds. 
  • International reach. Our audience is wildly international. Our company language is English. We’re a global reality.

What we look for

  • Relevant expertise. We don’t expect that you know specific languages or tools in depth, we are not so crazy, but a knowledge of C# or React can really help you to thrive and get the most out of your experience in our team. 
  • Passion for the topic. You have a long-standing, proven passion for writing software, and an academic track record proving it. 
  • Reasoning and depth of learning. You’re structured and creative enough to solve most challenging problems independently, given the necessary knowledge. You learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and look to understand stuff truly in depth. 
  • Drive. You’re energetic, hard-working, and persevere through adversity until the job is done, and done well. You get turned on by getting results, and always aim for excellence in what you do. 
  • Curiosity and initiative. You love exploring and you’re entrepreneurial in seeking out new opportunities and testing new ideas of your own accord. You don’t just wait to be told what to do all the time. 
  • Humbleness. You’re down to earth, eager to listen to people’s feedback and constructive criticism, and ready to get your hands dirty with whatever the team needs to succeed. 
  • Proficient in English. You read and write proficiently, and speak at a conversational level in English. 

Compensation & Benefits

Generous, top of market, matching your skills and potential. We are extremely meritocratic, if your performance is outstanding, your compensation will grow very rapidly.

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