Multi-SaaS Add-On

Discover Shadow IT and Unmanaged SaaS

Shadow IT is a very big deal. Cisco found CIOs had 15 times more cloud applications than expected, and large enterprises use over 1,200 cloud services – and 98 percent are Shadow IT. Multi-SaaS delivers near-instant return on investment (ROI) through immediate license and subscription savings – reducing these costs up to 30%.

Companies want to see and govern the wide array of SaaS applications in use within the organization. Multi-SaaS discovers and manages SaaS apps. It helps admins get a full view of what is happening, and pull together all those SaaS products into one management interface. It is SaaS, mastered.
SaaS Security Is Finally Possible

Gartner researchers predict that this year, 2020, one-third of all successful attacks on enterprises will be against Shadow IT resources. Identify and act upon misconfigurations, suspicious events, and risky behavior across many SaaS products. Apply consistent policies to avoid security risks. Access extended audit logs for long-term forensic analysis.

Shadow IT Discovery Is Extensive

Discover which SaaS applications are in use, by whom. Choose any or all of 14 methods – including pulling information from systems you already have in place – to get the most complete picture of your SaaS estate.

All SaaS Is In One Place

Once you have discovered them, see all your SaaS products in a single portal. Get a consolidated, holistic view of the hundreds or thousands of applications and browser extensions that are in use within your organization.

“Forget the cost management, the value-add is gaining visibility in the shadow IT. Great service!”
William Gregorian, Head of Security