Company offers LEAD program with step-by-step guide to support universities as they adapt to Microsoft changes in licensing models for OneDrive, Sharepoint and Exchange

CHICAGO Oct. 9, 2023 – CoreView, the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform, today announced during the Educause Conference that it will support universities and their IT teams as they navigate changes to storage strategies driven by Microsoft’s new Education licensing model, which was announced on August 1, 2023. Microsoft has transitioned from unlimited storage to providing 100TB of free storage across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange for all educational tenants. Additional storage is now available through subscription-based models.

The surge in remote learning and digital collaboration post-Covid has led to an overwhelming proliferation of stored data, creating challenges for educational institutions. Managing this data growth is crucial to prevent security risks and control costs. According to Microsoft, education is the industry most impacted by cybercrime[1]  and CIOs are becoming more aware of data blind spots, hidden stores of data or data that exists in siloes[2] , according to the most recent 2023 State of the CIO research.

“Faced with security risks, rising costs, limited resources and an ever-increasing number of active users, IT teams need help navigating their Microsoft 365 environments. CoreView is excited to help LEAD the way,” said Shawn Lankton, Chief Executive Officer at CoreView. “We offer a solution that gives IT teams the tools and support to balance file storage, good governance and acceptable costs.”
CoreView provides four essential capabilities to simplify this transition:

  • Learn about your tenant with CoreView analysis: Based on user types, storage policies or other custom criteria, CoreView can identify areas that require data purging, back-up or archiving.
  • Empower teams to audit storage: CoreView helps central IT teams offer autonomy to different departments that need to investigate and create remediation plans by delegating admin capabilities/permissions without compromising security.
  • Automate policy management: CoreView helps define the types of policies and associated actions that make sense for the organization, which are captured in Playbooks that can automate remediation steps without tying up admin time.
  • Deploy multi-tiered storage backup plans: CoreView bridges the gap between OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange data that users need to archive and the storage systems they want in place.

With CoreView’s Microsoft 365 management platform, higher education institutions can confidently get in front of the upcoming changes with optimized storage strategies. CoreView allows customers to identify objects for cleanup and orphaned one-drives all while gaining the visibility needed to update storage policies. It also provides automated workflows and governance to implement and enforce the policies.

“Microsoft’s shift away from 'low-cost' or 'no-cost' storage was anticipated. Our platform, specifically designed for Microsoft 365, equips customers with rich visualization and automation capabilities, expediting service and storage decisions they need to make,” commented Dan Flanigan, VP of Product at CoreView. “Best of all, we provide a long-term governance solution to help teams avoid unplanned costs or disruption and keep Microsoft 365 students, staff, faculty and alumni happy.”

For more information about the LEAD program or to get your copy of the “Checklist for building the right guidelines and governance around Microsoft 365 storage,” please visit

[1] Changes to storage offerings across Microsoft 365 Education

[2] State of the CIO 2023, Foundry, an IDG, Inc. company

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