Company plans for global demand as Microsoft announces disruptive AI solutions.

Atlanta, GA — April 20, 2023 — CoreView, the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform and the only Platinum sponsor of the upcoming Microsoft 365 Conference, announced a record-breaking Q1 2023 as all functions of the company prepare for unprecedented growth.

“The surge we are experiencing is a direct result of Microsoft bringing new, highly innovative solutions to market and a renewed focus on IT efficiency,” said Shawn Lankton, CEO of CoreView. “With a dizzying array of cool new solutions like Copilot, Viva, and Teams Voice rolling out from Microsoft, many organizations are still looking to get simple things like automation, governance, and license management under control. CoreView was designed from the ground up to make Microsoft 365 administration more efficient through greater visibility, centralized controls, and workflow automation.”

The business is focused on scaling in three major areas:

  • Product innovation – The CoreView research and development team continues to evolve the platform to solve the toughest challenges Microsoft 365 customers face around delegated administration and governance. Customers who have adopted new automated Playbooks are able to launch governance automations in minutes, building off years of CoreView’s expertise. 
  • Global expansion – CoreView joined the Microsoft Ambition Italy Cloud Region Partner Alliance. Microsoft launched the project in March 2022, bringing together the company’s partners engaged in the digital development of Italy and at the forefront of the opening of the new Italian Cloud Region of Microsoft. CoreView has also invested in its partner ecosystem with the addition of Data#3, Crayon APAC, and Crayon MEA covering three new continents.  
  • Go to market – In Q1, the company smashed previous records with 95% retention and 130% net dollar retention, demonstrating their ability to be profitable while accelerating growth given the intense market interest in IT efficiency and cost control. To date, license and service sales have already exceeded total sales booked in FY22. The company also brought on veteran marketing leader, Cari Jaquet, to serve as a member of the leadership team, overseeing brand and product marketing, creative, digital campaigns, customer marketing, and global communications.

CoreView leaders will be at the Microsoft 365 conference meeting with customers, prospects, and partners. “We are delighted to be the Platinum sponsor of this event,” said Cari Jaquet, CMO of CoreView. “Our team is looking forward to connecting with the Microsoft community, particularly during this very exciting time for Microsoft and our partnership.”

CoreView Technology Evangelist Roy Martinez and VP of Product Marketing Sadie Peterson Hattan will present two conference sessions:

  • Maturing your Microsoft 365 administration—what does the future look like?
    Tuesday, May 2, 10:30-11:30am
  • IT Matters: An action plan for Microsoft 365 governance
    Wednesday, May 3, 1:30-2:30pm

Attendees can also participate in 15-minute sessions at the CoreView booth (#401) on important topics:

  • Journey to the CORE: Governance best practices for Microsoft 365 license management
    Tuesday, May 2, 10:00am and Wednesday, May 3, 10:30am
  • Journey to the CORE: Best practices for Microsoft 365 workflow automation
    Tuesday, May 2, 1:00pm and Wednesday, May 3, 11:15pm
  • Journey to the CORE: Best practices for Microsoft 365 tenant segmentation
    Tuesday, May 2, 1:45pm and Wednesday, May 3, 1:00pm
  • Journey to the CORE: Best practices for Microsoft 365 governance
    Tuesday, May 2, 4:45pm and Wednesday, May 3, 4:00pm

About CoreView

CoreView is the #1 Microsoft 365 management platform for IT teams who are transforming the way they run their Microsoft 365 stack. The CoreView platform delivers powerful tenant segmentation, granular privilege delegation, as well as playbooks to proactively find and fix issues and keep IT policies in continuous compliance. With CoreView, organizations can control complexity and costs, optimize administration, resolve security and compliance issues automatically, and empower their IT teams and workforce. 

CoreView serves Fortune 5000 and mid-sized enterprises around the world. We are proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and available on the Azure Marketplace. We are committed to working exclusively with the global network of Microsoft resellers and service providers. CoreView | Because Microsoft 365 is at the core of your business. For more information, please visit

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