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Just-in-Time Learning (JITL) vs. older E-Learning Solutions

This whitepaper describes how JITL can be applied to help drive the adoption of Office 365 more successfully than the discredited e-Learning methods that force users into drawn out curriculum of long training modules where their knowledge retention is minimized.


As this whitepaper describes, JITL enables the fastest and most flexible route to help information workers absorb knowledge and gain confidence in using new technology to improve their productivity. E-Learning has been an alternative to classroom training, on the basis that it is less expensive overall. The challenge with e-Learning, however, is that it tends to be too conceptual and is not helpful when end users are stuck trying to complete a specific task. Additionally, e-Learning subscriptions may expire, meaning that end users must then rely on the memory of what they have studied.


Please use this white paper to research if JITL is the best methodology for your organization to drive training and adoption for your Office 365, Windows 10 and ProPlus deployments.

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