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Ylneo is a network of expert consultants, located in Reunion, Mauritius and in Metropolitan France. We work closely with clients to discuss, understand, develop to better understand their needs, objectives, and optimize business strategies. Collaboration is at the heart of our business and our success is based not only on the technical expertise of our consultants but also on our commitment to our customers for the long term.



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YLNEO Consulting specializes in IBM/HCL and Microsoft architectures and collaborative solutions, deployed in local, hybrid or cloud mode. YLNEO operates in all economic sectors, including healthcare, banking, hospitality, and insurance, government and enterprise companies. Learn more at www.Ylneo.com.

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Maximizing your Microsoft 365 and other SaaS investments shouldn’t be hard. Let us help you be the IT hero you’ve always dreamt of. Reduce costs, drive efficiency and start improving SaaS adoption today.

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