Customize CoreView to Match Your Requirements

CoreView pricing can be customized to match the licenses you have, the solutions you want and the installation structure you need.

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Select the Solution or Product Bundle That’s Right For Your Strategy

CoreView solutions come piecemeal or bundled so you can improve specific areas of your business—security, administration, training, adoption—or combine solutions to address strategic initiatives like operational efficiency, change management and accelerated growth.


Enterprise Management

Combines CoreAdmin, CoreSecurity and CoreAdoption so large-scale businesses can monitor and maintain operations more efficiently. 

  • Delegate admin tasks; get custom reports 
  • Monitor system threats in real time
  • Track and promote SaaS product adoption

Change Management

Combines the promotion and usage features of our CoreAdoption product with the just-in-time-learning features of our CoreLearning library. 

  • Monitor license usage across custom groups  
  • Send email prompts to non-adopters
  • Levarage learning videos within Office 365 services, so training is in context and stickier

Enterprise Acceleration

Combines the full CoreSuite with our in-context learning product, CoreLearning, so you can accelerate strategic shifts and growth.

  • Promote change  and efficiency all at once
  • Measure transition success in robust ways
  • Ensure ongoing security compliance during strategic shifts

Create Custom Reports, License Sub-pools and RBAC

With capabilities to create custom admin access, license pools and reports, it’s easier than ever to calculate chargebacks, fine-tune audits and manage licenses.

  • Segment tenant into multiple sub-tenants
  • Securely delegate admin rights (RBAC)
  • Calculate costs by license pool, and access 200+ customizable reports

Track Usage and Promote New or Unused Services

With easy-to-filter usage data and robust email features, you can target product adoption campaigns toward specific products or user groups.

  • Monitor usage across custom sub-pools 
  • Identify groups or products that inhibit adoption 
  • Promote adoption via micro-targeted email campaigns, so only non-users get notified

Show Employees How to Operate Office 365 Products in the Moment

With on-demand, in-context training videos, teams can learn to use Office’s full suite of services and pro-grade capabilities without flooding your help desk.

  • 2,100+ on-demand training videos
  • Track viewing history to identify key obstacles
  • Access videos through single sign-on and add company-specific content to your library

Keep Users Compliant and Data Secure in Real Time

With real-time security alerts and detailed compliance monitoring, you can stay ahead of data breaches and prevent non-compliant file sharing.

  • Set up custom security alerts
  • Review security breach attempts by region
  • Review activity logs from the past year to track down breach origins

Comply with GDPR By Scanning Content for Sensitive Information

By scanning for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in documents and automating removal requests, companies can improve security and avoid GDPR and other regulatory  fines.

  • Respond faster to Subject Access Requests 
  • Use AI to find sensitive keywords and PII
  • Automate the management of Right to Be Forgotten/Removed Requests

Improve SharePoint Search By Auto-tagging Documents

By automatically adding metadata and taxonomies to SharePoint documents, you can enrich search and accelerate complex content migrations with ease.

  • Deliver a Google-like search experience
  • Increase SharePoint adoption
  • Auto-tag documents with AI based on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning


On average, CoreView reduces license management costs by up to 50%, data investigation time by 70% and help desk calls by 30%, all while increasing daily active users.

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