CoreView Release 22.01 Now Available: Managing the Exceptions, Hybrid, and SharePoint

Wow – is it February already?  After a quick holiday break we’ve been back in the workshop to bring you an exciting new feature for managing those pesky exceptions-to-the-rule situations, continued improvements of hybrid management, and new options for improved SharePoint governance.

Here are some key highlights of this month’s release:

Managing the Exceptions

CoreView helps you setup KPI dashboards and alerts that notify you when a particular configuration or situation is out of compliance, whether that means compliance with regulations, internal policies, or something else entirely. But previously, if you knew there were going to be exceptions to the KPI, you were probably managing it manually.

Now, CoreView gives you the ability to manage the exceptions by tracking them so everyone is on the same page.  Should an inactive user be deprovisioned, or are they just on an extended leave?  We’ve added a new workflow approval action that allows you to:

  • Send an email regarding the KPI violation  
  • Have the manager determine whether there is an exception and why
  • Set an expiration date for the exception so you know exactly how long it applies

So no more trying to remember who’s on leave or double-checking external systems to confirm.  No more one-off special situations; simply track the exceptions in CoreView so it’s all under control.

Hybrid Updates

Continuing to expand on our capabilities around managing hybrid environments, we’ve added the ability to update personal information, licenses, and hybrid information for synched on-premises users.

SharePoint Enhancements

We’re working to help you improve SharePoint governance by adding the ability to specify external sharing options, so you can customize for your needs.  You can also now set the time zone for SharePoint sites when they’re created.

Our team is already busy testing the next round of improvements; check back next month for more exciting updates!