CoreView Release 22.03 Now Available: Performance, Optimizing License Costs, and Simplifying Hybrid Management

Our product team is wrapping up their first quarter efforts with a TON of new features – like a quick view of potential license savings – and a host of always-be-improving tweaks.

Focus on Performance

If you’ve spent any significant amount of time in the product lately, you’ve probably already noticed – we’ve made some huge improvements in performance.  We heard your feedback that performance is critical.  There’s still more to come, but so far – we're seeing load times that are at least 60% faster and in many cases as much as 3x faster!

We’re also improving how frequently data is synced to CoreView, giving you a more real-time (well, up to 10-second-time!) view of what’s happening.

Here are some other highlights of this month’s release:

More License Savings, Anyone?

CoreView has always helped you identify where to re-assign, downgrade, or optimize your license spend.  But we’re making it even easier by serving up a new Savings Opportunities Report that quickly shows you where you could reclaim or adjust, broken down by license pool so you can delegate those adjustments.  We know you have plenty to focus on – we're working on more out-of-the-box ways to help you get the full value from Microsoft 365, maintain oversight, and move at full speed.

One Tool to Rule Them All

Our goal is to simplify how you manage your users wherever they are – whether cloud or on-premises.  Toward that end, we’re consolidating management actions for your legacy on-prem Active Directory users into “Edit Sync User” including:

  • Update Mailbox Actions – Grant or remove access to mailboxes and edit forwarding addresses
  • Enable Other Properties – Allows you to manage any custom fields you may have  

Spring Cleaning Your Microsoft Teams Environment

When was the last time you archived or deleted unused Teams?  We’re sharing best practices...and then making it even easier to follow those best practices!  This release, we’re making it easy to manage the lifecycle of Teams by adding the ability to Archive and Restore Teams with a Management Action.

Other Teams enhancements included enforcing Teams name character limitations and ensuring that the phone number drop-down only lets you assign available phone numbers.

Some Minor SharePoint Improvements

We’re continually aligning the product to keep pace with Microsoft; this release we’ve added a new “Group owner” field when creating modern SharePoint sites, and a new “Sensitivity” label when creating classic SharePoint sites.

Our team is already busy testing the next round of improvements; check back next month for more exciting updates!