Product Updates

You’ve Been Working Hard (From Home) And So Has CoreView!

Today CoreView released version 20.04. And it is jam-packed with customer-requested new features to make it easier to optimize your Microsoft 365 and overall SaaS environment, by making it easier to manage more comprehensively, while avoiding security risks and increasing governance.

Reporting Needs To Be Easy And Comprehensive

As part of optimizing your Microsoft 365, CoreView’s CoreSuite and CoreAdmin products now include a new Storage Dashboard. It focuses on the volume of data stored, including an overview and then details of data usage in Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint. It also indicates what users have been blocked or deleted from access to that data, along with users’ backup status.

After you have a comprehensive view of your environment, CoreView allows you to use that information to set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) – to monitor those things that are important for you and your organization. Now with this release, you can leverage KPIs even further to automate and perform tasks to optimize management of your environment by being able to pre-plan resolutions of any issues. For example, a Remediation task that could result after asking “How many inactive guest users do I have?” which then remediates that risk by performing the task of “Remove guest user” directly as a result of a KPI.

Inactive mailboxes are another issue – for both IT productivity and protection of your organization. CoreView helps you optimize your Microsoft 365 environment by identifying inactive mailboxes, such as if it becomes inactive when a Litigation Hold, or a retention policy, is applied to the mailbox before the corresponding user account is deleted. Our new report will list all the “Inactive Mailboxes with LitigationHold” and result in the remediation tasks that will keep your system updated, and provide ongoing visibility.

Security Protections Always Need To Be Increasing – To Keep Up With Today’s Threats

Since threats are always evolving and ever-present, Microsoft has tightened security for Exchange Online and Microsoft 365 by removing Basic Authentication October 13, 2020. CoreView in turn will support these efforts by collecting and reporting within a Sign-in Legacy Protocol report those sign-ins that are using deprecated protocols.

CoreView is also now utilizing the Microsoft Identity Protection information from internal and external threat intelligence sources to consolidate this information into a new report of Risky Users. This allows you to identify potentially compromised accounts and take action to confirm any threats, and immediately remediate them.

Knowing what has changed is also important to monitor to reduce risk. New Filters have been added to the Permission Changes report that will facilitate the tracking of changes for SharePoint and OneDrive.

Driving Changes In User Behavior Is Often Necessary

To drive the desired user behaviors, CoreView has added to its Adoption Templates and Campaigns in CoreAdoption to have the columns “WhenCreated” and “WhenUpdated” that allow more flexibility on when campaigns can be or were started, and the timeframe to view the results achieved as a result of an Adoption campaign.

Automation Removes Tediousness, Prevents Security-Impacting Errors

CoreFlow is the part of CoreView that enables user account provisioning and deprovisioning to be automated. With this release there is Improved Resilience that allows Operators to restart a workflow execution, thus allowing recovery from unwanted errors. This makes it particularly attractive for Partners to have a consistent process across clients with the new Export and/or import Automation procedure to save configurations and bring it to other clients.

Workflows can now be defined with a Maximum Execution Duration, which also improves the stability of automated tasks. And now reports have a new action: allow Execution of a Workflow for all elements of a Report.

And since Flexibility is paramount in creating automation tasks CoreFlow now enables nested workflows in the execution.

And, Many Bugs Were Squashed, Unfortunately Not Coronavirus, Permanently!  

  • Plus, more than 130+ small pesky bugs have been squashed in this release!


Gail Ferreira sees great advantages of working remotely, which she’s done while doing Product Marketing for security products over the years. She revels in skiing and hiking in the mountains, and biking and exploring everywhere! As a result, Gail is a passionate preservationist of our natural environment.