Watch now: 7 Keys to Securely Harden Microsoft 365

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The threat landscape continues to increase in both complexity and the level of sophistication of the attacks we observe. Attackers target the most vulnerable resources in an organization and then traverse laterally to target high-value assets. No longer can you expect to stay safe by protecting individual areas such as files, email or endpoints. Extended detection and response is a new approach defined by industry analysts that are designed to deliver intelligent, automated, and integrated security across domains to help defenders connect seemingly disparate alerts and get ahead of attackers.

In this session we’ll dive into the various layers of Microsoft 365 from identity, apps, services, and data to understand the best ways to prevent cyber attacks.  We’ll look at 7 Key Ways to Harden Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Defender formerly known as advanced threat protection.  We’ll also dive into service configuration of Microsoft 365 to ensure identity, services and accounts are secured against common exploits and attacks.   It’s been difficult in today’s modern work environment and it is getting harder to keep up with the technology.  Learn to use Microsoft 365 effectively for active data governance, application security, and Shadow IT oversight. Coupled with disparate Admin Centers, and global admins having access to everything in your tenant, your org could be less secure than you think!

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  • How to harden your admin accounts
  • Better understand licensing around security features of Microsoft 365 and what is required
  • How to segment your Microsoft 365 tenant to support a delegated admin model
  • How to focus on the various layers of service, data and information security for administrators
  • How to get a better handle on shadow IT and external sharing

80% of organizations suffer from a data breach due to a mismanaged or unassigned license. Register now to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!


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