Optimize SaaS Productivity, Get Massive License Savings

Discover all SaaS licenses, manage costs, and and employ data-driven training and adoption to get every penny out of your software investment.

saas product adoption

“The CoreView solution has been instrumental in our newfound ability to manage our business units as separate entities – with accurate and uniform cost accounting for license ownership.”

ISMAEL CARLO, Global IT Services Manager


Insure Employees Use The Right Applications

Reduce costs, and security risks of unsupported Office O365 substitute products (Slack, Zoom, WebEx).
These apps are a waste of money, hinder collaboration, and are often unsupported, unsecured Shadow IT programs.

Target, Promote, And Track Application Use

Track license and workload usage, and optimize licenses, especially O365 E3/E5. Drive adoption of critical applications such as Microsoft Teams.

Get Employees To Master Critical Apps

Rapidly boost adoption of the right applications via campaigns leveraging usage data and track adoption progress.

Teach The Right Way

Increase adoption and productivity with 2,500+ Just-in-Time Learning (JITL) videos integrated into workloads, and cut service desk calls.

from our competitors​

CoreView solves O365 problems and issues no one else can.

We Protect Office 365 Better

We fill Office 365 security holes our rivals can’t touch, making O365 itself your first line of defense.

We Manage Office 365 Like no Other

O365 waste hundreds man hours on manual tasks while struggling to manage O365 right. CoreView manages O365 fast and right!

We Optimize Office Productivity, Licenses and Economics Insanely Well

CoreView reduces SaaS license costs 30-56%, doubles productive use of SaaS apps, and maximizes ROI while reducing TCO.

“When we first got access to CoreView reporting, we spent some time looking at the user reports and creating views of the information that made sense to how we were organizationally structured and provisioned in O365. It didn’t take long for us to see some areas for concern: we over-purchased by 285 licenses.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama
Business needs
we address
Security &
Monitor data sharing, suspicious login attempts and more with custom alerts.
Budgeting &
Get usage reports by sub-tenant or department for easy billing and cost transparency.
Admin Rights
Reduce the number of global admin accounts needed, saving costs and improving security.
New Product Adoption
Track usage activity and create customized SaaS product adoption campaigns.