RBAC Key To Tight SaaS Management And Security

Role-Based Access Control insures SaaS admin functions are properly granted, end user issues handled quickly by the right staffers
rbac saas management
“Within M365, we have very few global admins. We wanted to let some of the primary administrators from other libraries help with the user base. M365 has a user admin role, but this role is not scoped. It allowed access to the entire user base in the single tenant M365 environment. We didn’t feel that this was a future solution.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director – Jefferson County Library Cooperative


Make M365 Management Safer And More Efficient Through Segmentation

A proper approach to Microsoft 365 permissions and privileges is partitioning permissions based on roles through RBAC, resulting in far fewer, truly trusted global administrators. These global admins are augmented by a set of local, or business unit focused admins with no global access, all leading to far better protection for your Microsoft 365 environment.

Stop Global M365 Credential Danger By Limiting Privileges

With the native M365 Admin Center, all admins have some form of global credentials – meaning they can touch and harm the entire tenant. CoreView’s RBAC limits what admins can do – and to whom.

Slice Admin Privileges A Myriad of Ways

Have fewer global admin by partitioning the tenant – by department, business unit, location or other criteria.

RBAC Is The Basis of Virtual Tenants

With RBAC, you can virtualize how the tenant is managed, giving business units independence and management control.

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“With the CoreView platform, the tenants can be scoped by various parameters and delegated to a member library IT administrator – a full virtual tenant administrator limited to that scope.”
Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director
Jefferson County Library Cooperative