Eliminate Errors, Speed Up Tasks with SaaS Automation

Built-in workflow templates automate common SaaS management tasks, guaranteeing proper configuration and error-free provisioning. Replace complicated manual tasks with one-click error-free completion.

automated saas management
“We view CoreView as experts in the field that can guide us to the most pertinent parts of the M365 ecosystem and integrate best practices into workflows.”

Tobin M. Cataldo, Executive Director – Jefferson County Library Cooperative


Hacker Proof Configuration

Gartner finds that most successful cloud attacks exploit misconfiguration. Once you have a secure approach to configuration, map it to a workflow so it is done properly each time.

Perfect SaaS Management

Streaming administration through workflows takes the guesswork out of account management, license management, and security and compliance operations.

User Setup and Removal the Right Way

Workflow templates automate provisioning/deprovisioning. With automation, IT ensures users have the right licenses to access the right infrastructure. IT can “clone” users or create them from template to reduce errors and speed provisioning.

Let IT Focus On Strategic Work

Custom workflows replace and streamline tedious manual processes with automation and error-free operations. Time saved by M365 admins can be spent on more strategic IT work, while ensuring fewer support tickets opened to Support teams.

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CoreView solves M365 problems and issues no one else can
We Protect Microsoft 365 Better

We fill Microsoft 365 security holes our rivals can’t touch, making M365 itself your first line of defense.

We Manage Microsoft 365 Like No Other

M365 waste hundreds man hours on manual tasks while struggling to manage M365 right. CoreView manages M365 fast and right!

We Optimize Microsoft Productivity, Licenses and Economics Insanely Well
CoreView reduces SaaS license costs 30-56%, doubles productive use of SaaS apps, and maximizes ROI while reducing TCO.
“Customers asked for CoreView solutions to react to various types of actions such as alerts, and these actions are driven through workflows which are handled by CoreFlow. Some of the most popular things CoreView customers use our workflow to do are Microsoft 365 user provisioning, de-provisioning and generalized onboarding.”
Val Vasquez, Solution Architect